Blueprint for Wellness Results!

February 2015

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Blueprint for Wellness - Wellness Biometric Screening, Health Assessment and the Online Wellness Programs. You're on a continued journey towards better health and wellness!

Wellness Biometric Screening:
     - 38 of 422 total people participated
     - 124 of which were employees

Raffle Prize Winners:

8 - $250 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Robert Maxwell, Athens
Helen Hill, Athens
Benjamin Calmes Jr, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
Ronald Norwood, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
Bobbly Tolbert, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
John Hedrick, Monroe
Jeanenne Dickerson, Monroe
Cornell Washington, Roybal

4 - $500 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Richard Smith, Roybal
Stephen Waldbillig, NIOSH
Justin Parker, Roybal
James Meyer , Roybal

2 - $1,000 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Elwood Lyals, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
Joshua Phillips, Chamblee/Lawrenceville

Congratulations to all our raffle prize winners! And good luck to everyone on their journey towards better health and wellness!!

See images of some of the winners below!


Ben Calmes Bobby Tolbert Elwood Lyals
Ben Calmes Bobby Tolbert Elwood Lyals
Josh Phillips Ronald Norwood  
Josh Phillips Ronald Norwood