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November 2018

  • Letter from the President: Thankful - Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The picture above reminds me of how far we have come as a nation. From humble beginnings as settlers in a distant land, to a great nation that still holds firm to "In God We Trust."

  • Home Is Where Your Family Is - We would like to welcome Ed Anderson to Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. Ed joined the FSE family July 30 with a strong background in facilities management. Serving as the Campus Manager at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Ft. Collins...

  • In Remembrance: Dave Fryman - As we return from our FSE year-end meeting in Brasstown, one familiar face from the past, Dave Fryman, was not among us. Dave truly embodied this year's theme: People Matter Most.

  • FSE Initiates Caring Coworkers Fund - At FSE, we pride ourselves in being more like a family than a company. Like a true family, despite being spread out across the country, we come together to celebrate and rejoice in one anothers' successes. It is also important that we support each other in times of hardship.

  • Visioneer: Jessica Dennis Maintains Excellence! - Learning a new system can be a challenge, but thanks to Jessica Dennis, General Clerk at USDA Ft. Pierce, FSE maintenance staff at the United States Department of Agriculture were able to easily transition from its old Computerized Maintenance Management System to FSE's own system, Maintenance Track.

  • Let's Get to Know...Zenaida Rivera! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Transformational Leadership Update - During the months of August and September we discussed the following topics in our site training...

  • Wellness: Your Tool to Rule Health Care Costs - Same knee surgery, two very different prices. That's health care. But with your cost-compare tool, you can find the estimated best price personalized for your plan, way before you set foot in a medical office.

  • Wellness: Benefits of Teladoc - Did you know that your Teladoc® membership provides 24/7 access to a doctor by web, phone or mobile app? In fact, Teladoc has connected its members with experienced doctors across the U.S. more than 2 million times while maintaining a 92% member satisfaction.

  • Chaplain's Corner: You Can Be Forgiven - In the last two newsletters, we talked about forgiving those who have hurt us, betrayed us or deeply disappointed us in some way. This month I would like to talk to us about our own need for forgiveness.

  • Invest In your Future: Timing is Everything - When it comes to transitioning into retirement, timing really is everything. The age at which you retire can have an enormous impact on your overall retirement income situation, so you'll want to make sure you've considered your decision from every angle.

August 2018

  • Letter from the President: FSE's Culture  - Thank you to all who submitted photos of your FSE Culture posters! The photo above is from our CDC Lawrenceville site. Great work to John Prokopovich and his team for the best poster arrangement and a nice added touch with the frames!

  • Rescuing Research - Eleven months after Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico, FSE is in the final stages of helping the USDA recover from the effects of the devastating hurricane.

  • Let's Get to Know...Nancy Tyler! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Just Peachy in Georgia - This is what happens when everyone gets the memo! – Beth York

  • Transformational Leadership Update - During the month of June we discussed the following topics in our site training...

  • Wellness: Advocates Fighting For You! - Navigating healthcare coverage can be frustrating and time consuming. Wouldn't it be great if we had someone on our side to help? FSE is pleased to announce just this – our very own healthcare advocate: McGohan Brabender Advocates, "passionate people fighting for you."

  • Wellness: The Importance of a Will - Dana Fisher, Administrative Assistant at USDA Athens, knows all too well the importance of a Last Will and Testament. In June, Dana explained that her father's girlfriend passed away suddenly without a will.

  • Wellness: Save on Prescriptions - Navigating According to the AARP, prescription drug prices in America are among the highest in the world. However, one website can help you to at least find savings where you can: GoodRx.

  • Chaplain's Corner: Forgiveness Part 2 - As I said in the previous newsletter, all of us have had someone in our life who hurt us, betrayed us or deeply disappointed us in some way.

  • Invest In your Future: Are You Ready to Retire? - The question is actually more complicated than it first appears because it demands consideration on two levels. First, there's the emotional component: Are you ready to enter a new phase of life? Have you thought through both the good and bad aspects of transitioning into retirement?

March 2018

  • Letter from the President: FSE's Shared 2018 Vision  - I reflected on the feedback we received from the year-end survey and year-end meeting. I commit the following as our shared vision for 2018.

  • Honoring Our Heroes - When Steve Bonapfel, Stationary Engineer at the Centers for Disease Control Alice Hamilton facility in Ohio, attended a gun show a few years ago, he didn't know that it would result in him traveling around the country to help dedicate monuments.

  • Visioneer: Mission Possible Thanks to NOAA Team! - This On November 20, 2017, JR Faunce, Project Manager, was on his way home from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration when he received a call from Second Shift Engineer David Poole. David said the pumps in the chiller room were tripping out.

  • Visioneer: Helping After the Hurricane - Hurricane Maria caused devastation to the island of Puerto Rico. While the island is still recovering, we are proud to say some of our own FSE employees helped save years of research on the island.

  • Visioneer: Uninterrupted Dedication - On October 24, during daily rounds, Lee Lafferty and his team at the Defense Finance and Accounting Services in Columbus, OH noticed that the uninterrupted power supply that serves the main server room was in alarm.
  • Let's Get to Know...Tim Brown! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • FSE Celebrates Employees with 2017 Service Awards - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud of each of its employees across all of its sites, but for 2017, we'd like to honor the many employees who celebrated their five- and 10-year anniversaries with the company! Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication!!

  • Transformational Leadership Update - FSE Core Belief: "If you have influence over one or more people, than by definition you are a leader."

  • Chaplain's Corner: Rest for the Weary - We live in a nation where many people are sleep deprived. We have probably seen on the news that doctors say that millions of people are not getting enough sleep. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that a third of US adults do not get enough sleep at night...

  • Invest In your Future: Monitoring Your Retirement Account - Have you logged into https://gaadvisors.invlink.com to monitor your retirement account? Your secure login gives you access to view and update several components of your account.

July 2017
    FSE Newsletter - Light Up The Sky

  • Letter from the President: Happy Fourth of July - Happy 4th of July! I trust that you all enjoyed a relaxing and joyful 4th of July weekend. As I watched the fireworks this year, I was reminded that the loud explosions of the event we traditionally celebrate, came at the greatest cost for many brave men and women who served to provide the freedom and independence we hold dear.

  • Visioneer: Mayor of DSCC - This issue, we'd like to celebrate an employee who not only received one letter of recognition from a customer, but five! Tracy Fogle, HVAC Technician at Defense Supply Center Columbus, is lovingly referred to as the "Mayor of DSCC," by her coworkers because she knows everyone.

  • Let's Get to Know...Ray Overman! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Light Up The Sky - Ray Overman, Maintenance Technician at Synchrony Financial in Kettering, OH, has a dazzling part-time job: shooter for Rozzi Famous Fireworks.!

  • Light Up The Sky - Ray Overman, Maintenance Technician at Synchrony Financial in Kettering, OH, has a dazzling part-time job: shooter for Rozzi Famous Fireworks.!

  • Converging Cultures - As followers of the FSE newsletter know, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. has been lucky to be linked to amazing people and programs in East Africa through Ken Yockey, Facilities Performance Engineer.

  • Chaplain's Corner: Introducing Rich Femia - My name is Rich Femia and I have worked part time with FSE as its Controller since it started in 1988. In 1989, I also started pastoring a small church in Ohio and continued in that role until the end of 2015. As my role as Controller is coming to an end at FSE, I was asked by the owners of FSE to consider being the Corporate Chaplain for the company.

  • Invest In your Future: Monitoring Your Retirement Account - Have you logged into https://gaadvisors.invlink.com to monitor your retirement account? Your secure login gives you access to view and update several components of your account.

  • Summer Safety Tips - Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. But along with preparing for fun in the sun, remember to practice summer safety as well.

April 2017
  • Letter from the President: Happy Easter - This week brings Good Friday, Easter, family gatherings, and a time to reflect and give thanks. As I reflect on this special time of year, I believe Jesus taught us all we need to know about how to serve: consider others before myself. Jesus didn't just speak about it, He did.

  • Visioneer: Show of Appreciation - On January 6, Goshen Local Schools honored select community and business partners during an Appreciation Night. Held at halftime during a basketball game between its Goshen Warriors and the Norwood Indians, administration...

  • Let's Get to Know...Tanya Roberts! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Explanation of Benefits - An Explanation of Benefits, EOB for short, can help you understand what happens to your claims. And it can help you manage your health care spending. It's loaded with useful information.

February 2017
  • Letter from the Vice President Emeritus: Leads Form Transformational Leadership Brotherhood, Sisterhood - On October 19 and 20th and November 2nd and 3rd of last year Ron Wyrtzen, USDA Project Manager and new Vice President at Four Seasons, and I facilitated class training on Transformational Leadership as taught by FSH Founder and CEO Ford Taylor to the Lead Technicians at the CDC.

  • Mission Accepted - When I was in college, I was in the aviation program, and my passion at that time was to be a missionary pilot. While I spent five years as a commercial pilot for my dad's organization, Word of Life Ministries, and even was a director, working directly with youth at the Word of Life ministries, I never fulfilled my dream of becoming a missionary pilot.

  • Visioneer: Kevin Price GOES Above and Beyond - Roderick S. Insley, the NESDIS FMB NSOF Facility Engineer, praised Kevin Price, Facility Service Supervisor at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for his help with their recent GOES-R launch event.

  • Visioneer: Christmas Catastrophe! - While preventive maintenance is a clear-cut schedule, unplanned repairs can pop up during the most unexpected times. Ivan Branch, Crew Supervisor at CDC Atlanta, knows this all too well. "It was Christmas night around 10 o'clock and I got a call from another supervisor saying there was a flood in the building," says Ivan.

  • Visioneer: Lights Out - The Monday after Christmas, John Prokopovich, Campus Supervisor at CDC Lawrenceville, received a call saying there was a total loss of power to the Lawrenceville CDC facility.

  • Let's Get to Know...Lee Lafferty! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • FSE Celebrates Employee Anniversaries - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud of each of its employees across all of its sites, but this issue we'd like to honor the many employees celebrating their five- and ten-year anniversaries with the company! Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication!!

  • Matters of the Heart - It's February and for many, it's a month synonymous with love. And, it just so happens to be American Heart Month, so we'd like to take this time to talk about heart health.

December 2016
  • Letter from the President: Love, Serve, Care - I recently had a re-visit with the book, "The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All," by Jon Gordon. I reflected on our work family as I reviewed the simple strategies of Love, Serve, and Care. I thought it appropriate to share how these success strategies can continue to be employed as we, this Four Seasons family, move forward.

  • Here Comes Santa Claus - As I drove up a major Atlanta residential highway one night in December 2015, I couldn't help but notice that one particular side street was ablaze with lights, with parked cars everywhere. Returning to this street, I was amazed by a house completely engulfed in Christmas inflatables and lights of all kinds.

  • Visioneer: Securing Customer Satisfaction - When hiring new employees, Four Seasons looks to add members who will embody the FSE vision statement: Positive People Providing Excellent Service with Exceptional Care. "The same is true when we grow our business," says Ron Wyrtzen, Project Manager at FSE.

  • Let's Get to Know...Gina Aulisio! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Understanding Your Medical Benefits - Understanding your medical benefits with Aetna will help you make more informed decisions regarding health care costs and your health. To help you better understand your benefits and to see what Aetna has to offer its members, you can sign up for member services at www.aetna.com.

October 2016

September 2016
  • Letter from the Vice President: Core Values - FSE hosts an annual meeting providing a venue for FSE's leadership group from every project site to reflect on the year's accomplishments and look to the year ahead. This past year we took the opportunity to survey all attendees and ask, what do you believe FSE's Core Values are? The results yielded these top six values:

  • Visioneer: Passing the Test - Recently, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. received a letter of appreciation for Walt Dennis, (FSE Project Superintendent), Aaron Beauchamp (FSE Electrician) and Nelson Vandergrift (FSE HVACR technician) at FSE's USDA project site in Ft. Pierce, FL.

  • Visioneer: Actions Speak Louder than Words - Earl "Trey" Freeman started with Four Seasons in 2012 as a janitor/laborer at the USDA's Russell Research Center in Athens, GA, but since then has quickly worked his way up to a maintenance associate employee at FSE's newest jobsite serving the University of Georgia's BSL3 lab.

  • Visioneer: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery - Not all of our customers thank FSE team members for their service in the form of a letter. Some show their satisfaction through actions. This is true of our clients at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration when James "JR" Faunce, Project Manager, took the initiative to solve an ongoing challenge for the complex.

  • Visioneer: Answering the Call - While it is important to acknowledge employees who go above and beyond for our customers, we also want to recognize employees who go above and beyond for each other.

  • Seven Easy Health Boosts - Forget the excuses for a minute. It's time to do a quick health check. Are you using these 7 health boosts in your life? If not, you totally should.

July 2016
  • Letter from the President: Unity of Purpose - There are a whole lot of people depending on Four Seasons Environmental. What we have to offer our clients, and each other, is a lot more than what any of us, individually, can produce. We need to understand that our efforts must be bound together for all of us to succeed.

  • The Darwin Parker Story - As we near the retirement of Darwin Parker, we thought it might be useful to recap his illustrious career with FSE.

  • FSE News: FSE Offers Transformational Leadership On Demand! - Transformational Leadership is a program that helps identify, address and remove personal, team and systemic constraints, which encourages healthy, trusting relationships to grow. Employees who have taken Transformational Leadership have boasted about its incredible power to help them grow and develop as an employee, and as a person.

  • Direct Deposit is coming to FSE! - It is with great pleasure to announce that FSE will offer direct deposit to all employees starting the week of September 18 (pay date of September 21).

  • FSE in the Community: Unexpected Help - The following post was taken from Facebook and melted our hearts. Not only is it a wonderful example about helping others in need, but it also is about a truly wonderful FSE employee, Bill Huff, General Mechanic at NIOSH Taft.

  • Happier People More Likely to Live Longer - Happier people have an unusual amount of activity in one area of their brains - the left prefrontal cortex, scientists have found. Happier people are more likely to live longer and tend to be healthier, more successful and more socially engaged than people who describe themselves as less happy.

April 2016
  • Letter from the President: Three Little Words to Success- When I consider the meaning of this part of our vision phrase, I am grateful for the exceptional attitude of the FSE workforce. Exceptional care is the ingredient of our service that sets us apart in the workplace.

  • Total Transformation - Why am I running a marathon? The easy answer is I want to challenge myself. However, I did not wake up and all of a sudden decide to run a marathon. The journey leading up to deciding to run took about one year. In early February of 2015, Four Seasons sent me to the Transformational Leadership training. It was an eye opener for me.

  • Hannah Delivers Healthy Baby - In October, we brought you a story about Ken Yockey and the Resourcing Ministry Partners work in Kenya helping to show the value of women. The story highlighted 13-year-old Hannah who became pregnant after being raped. Ken is happy to report that Hannah delivered a healthy, 6-pound baby boy at a clinic in Nairobi on Tuesday, February 16. Hannah and baby are doing well.

  • Rodney and Donald Don't Fall Flat - Once again, we're delighted to bring to you a story about FSE employees going above and beyond their job description to help our customers. Tammy Otobor wrote to us to praise Rodney White and Donald Gilling.

  • Let's Get to Know...Roshonda Jackson! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • FSE News: FSE Welcomes New Financial Advisor! - On the heals of Jim Tarkington's retirement, FSE is excited to welcome Dennis Horr of Faith Financial Advisors, Inc. as our new financial advisor! Dennis will provide enrollment assistance and investment education to the all participants in our 401(k) plan.

  • Staying Healthy at Work - Staying healthy doesn't just mean avoiding a cold or flu. It also includes keeping our body physically healthy. When we sit at a desk all day, we tend to have poor posture. We slouch, our shoulders round forward or tend to creep up to our ears, all of which causes back pain, sore shoulders or even headaches.

February 2016
  • Letter from the President: Let's Be Difference Makers- Hi FSE Team, Happy New Year! Christel Skorup, our HR Director, gave me a little book, titled "The Simple Truths of Service," written by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz. This book is filled with stories of how ordinary people devised plans of exceptional, caring service in their workplace. The book is inspired by the story of Johnny the Bagger who took to heart Barbara's challenge to create meaningful memories for his customers.

  • Share the Warmth - Congratulations and thank you to our employees at all of the Georgia CDC sites and buildings for their generosity during the recent overcoat drive. 2015 Project Overcoat was a huge success! In fact, the FSE employees at the CDC collected more than ten 55-gallon trash bags packed full of coats and blankets for men, women and children!

  • FSE Contest! - Calling all FSE employees! Do you know someone who has exemplified the FSE vision of "Positive People, Providing Excellent Service, with Exceptional Care?" Or do you know an FSE employee with a fascinating hobby or interest outside of work? Submit your ideas to newsletter@fseinc.net and, if you're idea is selected, you will receive a gift card! There is no limit to the number of ideas you can submit.

  • Kent State University to Host AEGIS Training Session - Thanks to Bob Stokes, Commissioning Project Manager for Four Seasons, Kent State University will be hosting a training session on the AEGIS Shaft Grounding Rings.

  • Let's Get to Know...Eddie McCullers! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Tips for Saving on Drug Costs - If you have ever paid the full price for a prescription medicine, you know they can be very expensive. Filling a prescription for many common drugs can easily take more than $100 out of your wallet, even with insurance. Specialty drugs, like those used to treat cancer or hepatitis, are a whole different story. Their average cost is more than the annual income of half of all American households.

December 2015
  • Letter from the President: The Generous Spirit of the Season - Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite seasons and, thanks to American marketing, we are swept from one right into the other. If you are truly grateful - it transforms into generosity. Christmas brings an emphasis on generosity more than any other time of year.

  • FSE Celebrates Employees with 2015 Service Awards - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud of each of its employees across all of its sites, but this year we'd like to honor the many employees celebrating their five- and 10-year anniversaries with the company! Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication!!

  • Let's Get to Know...Joy Wigton! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating - The holidays are a time for getting together with friends and family. It's also a time for traditions, which include delicious foods that we enjoy once a year. Whether it's your aunt's sweet potato pie, or grandma's special sugar cookies, we all look forward to enjoying these annual foods. It's also a time for hectic schedules, and grabbing food on the run. All of this adds up to not eating as healthy as we should.

  • Know Your Blood Pressure - Your blood pressure changes over time and in response to many things. Blood pressure is written as two numbers, one over the other.

October 2015
  • Letter from the President: Positive People - Positive Change - Around 500 BC the Greek philosopher Heraclitus spent most of his life grappling with the problems of change. History refers to him as the "weeping philosopher," probably because of his stress about everything constantly changing around him.

  • The Value of a Woman - Ken Yockey, Facilities Performance Engineer at Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., has been involved with the Maasai tribe in Kenya for two decades. Since then, Ken and others have helped the Maasai people with a number of amazing projects, including building wells for fresh water. Recently though, they have begun a new project to help women.

  • Bob Stokes Passes Energy Management Certification Exam - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud to announce that Bob Stokes, Commissioning Agent at FSE, recently passed his Certified Energy Managers' examination and will soon join the ranks of more than 14,000 Certified Energy Managers (CEM) worldwide.
  • Visioneer of the Issue: Christine Hughes Goes the Extra Mile - Christine Hughes, Administrative Assistant, Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Columbus, is a shining example of what it is to be a Positive Person providing Excellent Service with Exception Care!

  • Let's Get to Know...Christine Seidenman! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - It's the perfect time to remind employees about the importance of regular checkups.

  • Handling Day-to-Day Stress - Everyone has busy lives. Whether we have a family to take care of, work to get to, meetings to attend, or taking classes, this all adds up to a busy life. This can lead to day-to-day stress.

August 2015
  • Letter from the President: Generous Investing - Investing in generosity brings better dividends than the most astute financial planning. Generosity is contagious when practiced in an intentional manner. Generosity develops goodwill. When meeting the needs of our clients and employees is a higher priority than the bottom line, we seldom catch a glimpse of the bottom of our barrel.

  • Visioneer of the Issue: Team Keeps Cool While Building Heats Up - On June 23rd, Savannah, GA was a sweltering 107 degrees, and inside the Juilette Gordon Low Federal Building (Building C) temperatures were hitting 87 degrees despite systems running. With Bobby Newman and Tim Gerard already onsite trying to find the problem, FSE kicked into gear calling Tim Browns from Athens, GA, Walt Dennis from Ft. Pierce, FL, and Ken Yockey from Monroe, OH to help join the team.

  • Let's Get to Know...Tonja Cruse! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Aetna Now Has Teladoc Available for Members - Need to talk to the doctor right away but can't get an appointment? You know you have is a sinus infection and just need to get a prescription for it? Then call Teladoc!

June 2015
  • Letter from the President: Good Relationships Bring More Success to Business than the Most Expensive Marketing Schemes - Life is all about people and the interaction between people, and our business is no different. We are a service provider and the excellence with which we provide our services is a powerful influence on our success today and our success tomorrow.

  • We the Pearls - In July 2013, FSE's newsletter featured a story about Kelsey Cassato, Sales Representative in FSE's Tampa, FL office, and her work with the No More Foundation. In the article, Kelsey discussed her future trip to Thailand to help rescue children being sold into the slave trade. Since then, Kelsey has been a part of a team creating a documentary about the hope that can also be found in the area.

  • Visioneer of the Issue: FSE Team Turns up the Heat - Ken L. Bowen, the Director for Engineering, Maintenance and Operations Service Office, recently contacted Four Seasons to express his gratitude for work Emanuel Belfield, Keith Wilson and Ivan Branch performed on the CDC Building 18.

  • Let's Get to Know...Marty Wyatt! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Skin Cancer Protection Tips - Sun damage can be more than cosmetic. Over time, taking in the sun without any protection can lead to problems - from dry skin and wrinkles to skin cancer.

  • Tips for Safe, Healthy Trips - Before you go: Traveling overseas? Ask your doctor or local travel health clinic what vaccines you need, and when to get them.

April 2015
  • Letter from the President: Quality and Excellence by Continuous Improvement - How do we, as a company, maintain our place at the top tier of our industry? How do we remain on our client's "go to" list of preferred service providers and trusted advisors? The answer is to continually improve.

  • Detecting Trouble - Recently, Four Seasons' team at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was put to the test when a faulty fire alarm system caused series of unfortunate events.

  • Visioneer of the Issue: Robert Stohr Maintains Stellar Work - Once again, we are excited to share with you stories of our employees Four Seasons' vision: Positive People providing Excellent Service with Exceptional Care.

  • Let's Get to Know...Francine Pence! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Calvin Eugene Walls Retires - Four Seasons would like to say thank you and congratulations to Calvin Eugene Walls. Eugene served as Electronics Tech III for 14 years at the CDC Lawrenceville before recently retiring. His teammates saw to it that he had a proper send off with a retirement party.

  • 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism - Metabolism: This word refers to the range of biochemical interactions that break down the energy (food) we consume. Our metabolism rates depend on the energy we consume and the energy (exercise, biological processes) we exude...and genetics.

  • Eat Well to Feel Great - When you eat healthier, you are healthier. It almost sounds too simple. But a healthy diet can help you avoid heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke.

  • Feel Balanced with Help from a Wellness Coach - Being healthy, now and in the future, is important to you. We understand. The Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program can help you stay balanced and achieve well-being.

February 2015
  • Letter from the President: The Best We Have to Offer - Positive People - In our last issue I offered six things that make FSE stand out in our industry. As we start the new year, I want to look at some of these qualities a little closer in order to reinforce them in our minds and our daily business activities.

  • Lifting Spirits - When Cassandra Johnson isn't working hard serving customers as General Clerk II at FSE Athens, GA, she's working hard serving the community! Cassandra has taken part in numerous charitable organizations over the years that have truly made a difference in the Athens area.

  • Visioneer of the Issue: Jason Hough's Attention to Success - Excellent service is a core of the Four Seasons' vision and we are pleased to hear when a member of our staff embodies it as well as Jason Hough at USDA in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

  • Let's Get to Know...Angie Hogan! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • FSE Honors Worker Anniversaries - Four Seasons loves to acknowledge the hard work and deification of our incredible employees. In this issue, we want to acknowledge the many employees who have provided excellent service for two incredible milestones: five years and ten years as of 2014!

  • Blueprint for Wellness Results! - Thank you to everyone that participated in the Blueprint for Wellness - Wellness Biometric Screening, Health Assessment and the Online Wellness Programs. You're on a continued journey towards better health and wellness!

November 2014
  • Beyond You! - It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time with each of you at the year-end continuous improvement meeting in Lake Lure this year. I know many of you commented on the beauty of the North Carolina Mountains. I myself genuinely appreciated the peacefulness of the venue, and, more importantly, I truly enjoyed spending three days with you all.

  • Letter from the President: What I Meant to Say -I just returned from our annual management meeting in North Carolina. As I reflect on all that was shared and said during our three days together, I am reminded of what a special place this is to work. It would be hard to imagine any company our size, in our industry, with the unique skills and gifts to provide excellent service and exceptional care. I felt compelled to go off the published agenda for our meeting and simply share a few nuggets of core values that make FSE such a special place.

  • Visioneer of the Issue: Bob Stokes Stacks Up Good Reviews-This issues' "Visioneer" is Mr. Robert Stokes who works as a commissioning agent/project manager for our consulting group.

  • Let's Get to Know...Cassandra Johnson! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • Biometrics is Underway - It's always important to think about and focus on your health and wellness. That's why FSE has teamed up with Aetna and Quest Diagnostics to bring you Blueprint for Wellness again.

August 2014
  • Letter from the President: Finding The Sweet Spot - Every great hitter in baseball has a sweet spot. It's the focal point of the batter's potential to maximize their natural ability. When a baseball enters this zone, it is likely to receive their best effort and maximum success.

  • Employee Spotlight: The Bare Essentials -In May of 2013, my son was born. Like all mothers, I wanted the best for him and my family. That's when I really started to evaluate everything I used, from skin care products to the products I cleaned with in my home.

  • Visioneer of the Issue: Chris Rice Commits to Excellence-This issue's "Visioneer" recognition goes to Chris Rice, our Commissioning team's Group Field Manager.

  • Let's Get to Know...Kaitlin Black! - Four Seasons appreciates all of its hard working staff, so we're aiming to get to know one of them each issue!

  • On A Roll - FSE would like to congratulate Dereka Brown, Administrative Assistant at the CDC Atlanta, for receiving an award for making honor roll all year at Strayer University. Currently pursuing a degree in accounting,

  • Like FSE on Facebook to Enter Raffle for $50 Gift Card! - Four Seasons is offering employees a chance to win a $50 gift card by simply liking our company page on Facebook by September 30, 2014.

  • FSE is Going Tobacco Free - FSE is working towards becoming a tobacco free company. This will include the use of all tobacco products – smoking, snuff as well as e-cigarettes.

  • Blueprint for Wellness Coming Soon! - FSE's Blueprint for Wellness is coming soon, bringing with it the opportunity to earn $150 and win up to $1,000 in raffle prizes.

June 2014

April 2014

February 2014
  • Letter from the President: Following the Leader - I would like to share with you my aspirations moving forward as individuals, co-workers, family members, and leaders in 2014.

  • Visioneer of the Issue: Valori Benner: Work Like No One's Watching - It was one cold rainy day, one of those types no one wanted to be outside. I stood at the window of Building 23 looking at the weather and noticed an FSE employee working on the rooftop exhaust fan units of Building 15.

  • FSA Fund Deadline: March 15, 2014 - IRS grace period end date is March 15, 2014, which means funds need to be spent by that date, and ALL of the claims receipt deadline is March 31, 2014.

  • FSE Honors Worker Anniversaries - Four Seasons loves to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our incredible employees. This issue, we want to acknowledge the many employees who have provided excellent service for two incredible milestones: five years and ten years as of 2013!

  • Give Your Heart Some Love - You may know February for the month to treat your sweetheart, but don't forget it's also American Heart Month, so give your own heart some extra love.

December 2013
  • Letter from the President: 'Tis The Season - This will be the last newsletter for 2013 and I want to roll up my thoughts about all of you and this team. I am so grateful for this place to work. I am grateful for our culture, our clients, our employees and our success. This place (FSE) is a source of purpose and provision for hundreds of families.

  • Visioneers Recognized at the FSE Continuous Improvement Meeting - FSE used its annual Continuous Improvement Meeting to honor some of our employees who embody the FSE mission.

  • Holiday Wellness Tips - Three articles including: "Don't Take a Holiday From Wellness!," "Alcohol Has Calories, Too!," and "Got the Holiday Blues? Prevention is the Best Medicine."

July 2013
  • Letter from the President: Where (and how) Do I Fit In? - As I have stated before, "In the simplest terms, FSE is a service provider. Service is what we produce and what we do." There are tens of thousands of service providers in the United States. There are hundreds of Facilities Maintenance and Facilities Performance Contractors providing the type of services we provide. What makes us better than most of them?

  • Her Mission in Life - I grew up traveling the world with my family, so seeing what the other countries have to offer has always been a passion of mine. I went on my first mission trip to Nicaragua in 2005. I went with a team of high school students and we did street evangelism with skits and dramas in the capital city of Managua.

  • Vissioneer of the Month: Ron Bolton Grows Customer Appreciation at USDA - We are proud to name Ron Bolton from our USDA Athens staff as the FSE "Visioneer" for this July 2013 Newsletter. Ron's commitment to "Excellent Service with Exceptional Care" is evident in praise from our USDA client, specifically Jackie Clark who wrote us in May.

  • Nine Employees Receive Awards - Nine Four Seasons' employees recently received 10-year service awards!

  • Pack Sandwiches, Sunscreen, Sunglass - and Safety! - It takes just seconds. Suddenly, a blissful day at the beach or park turns into a trip to the emergency room. Not all medical problems are noticeable after your day in the sun though.

May 2013
  • Letter from the President: Investing In Us - Without the people who work at FSE, this place is nothing more than bricks, furniture, articles of incorporation, or a large org chart. I am consistently grateful and impressed by the accumulated experience, expertise and character assembled in this relatively small enterprise.

  • It's Hard to Love the Tax Man - Not really, when his name is Bobby Darnell. Bobby is one of the FSE staff members at the Kenton County Detention Center and prepares income tax returns in his spare time. Here is his story.

  • Rick's Driving Passion - Ever Wish You Had an Old Car of Your Own? Well, FSE's Rick Miley has had seven old cars of his own and has plans for three more. Here's Rick's story, straight from the Kettering, Ohio project team.

  • Vissioneers of the Month: Kenton County Detention Center Crew Lock Down Customer Service - We recognize the Kenton County Detention Center Project Crew as our May 2013 "Visioneers." FSE employees Shawn Porter, Bobby Darnell and Rob Marsh go to the Kenton County Detention Center every day, not to serve time, but to serve our client. This has not gone without notice.

  • Five Ways to Ease the Stress in Your Life - Some Stress is Normal.  Everyone feels stress from time to time. Some people describe it as tension or pent-up energy. Some stress is good. A car cuts in front of you on the highway. You slam your breaks in a panic. Stress helps you react the right way.

March 2013
  • Going Retro: AEP Helps Customers Save Energy - American Electric Power is making a huge commitment to helping companies reduce their energy usage. Through its new program, AEP has authorized firms to provide retrocommissioning services for its Ohio commercial customers.

  • Ohio Offers Energy Savings - Companies wanting to employ new energy-efficient measures and/or undergo renewable-energy projects can now find a partner in the Ohio Development Services Agency's Office of Energy. The Office of Energy provides financing through federal and state funding resources to eligible entities that demonstrate a reduction in energy usage and associated costs, avoidance of fossil fuel emissions, and the creation or retention of jobs.

  • FSE Speaks at OASBO Seminar - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. was proud to speak at the Ohio Association of School Business Officials' Business Operations Winter Seminar, which took place February 11 and 12.

  • Letter from the President: Exceptional Care - In our last newsletter we talked about Excellent Service. Now let's discuss what Exceptional Care brings to the table of our success. Exceptional Care becomes the third foundational pillar of our success. It is a value and a practice that shapes service providers into the class of our industry. It sets us apart from our competition and it grips our clients with a sense of loyalty and trust.

  • Soul Train - In 1958, at the age of four, my Grandfather gave me my first train set. It was an HO scale, with a silver Lackawanna diesel. I still have that engine today. For the next 12 years, on every birthday and Christmas, I received trains, buildings, accessories, people, cars, and some other really cool things.

  • Vissioneer of the Month: Byron "Buck" Buchanan Demonstrates Excellent Care - We want to recognize Mr. Buchanan as this issue's FSE Visioneer. Buck came to FSE after a distinguished 41-year civil service career that began with the U.S. Army and a decorated tour of duty in Vietnam. He ended his civil service career at the CDC Power Plant and came to work for FSE with the recommendation of our client.

  • FSE Employees Win with Wellness - Through the second FSE wellness screening, all participants gained knowledge about their health, but a few lucky winners also won a large grand prize!

January 2013
  • For Good Measure: A Look at the Benefits of Measurement & Verification - During design phase, buildings generally undergo energy modeling to predict how much energy the building is going to consume. However, the energy predictions are often not validated after the building is opened and new buildings miss out on huge energy savings.

  • Wildcats on Prowl for Greener Homes - When most students go to college, their number one concern isn't a green living space, but the University of Kentucky is setting its sights higher than just a comfortable living space for their studen-they're aiming to certify their new dorm buildings LEED-Silver.

  • Lancaster City Schools, OSFC Consolidates - Lancaster City Schools currently educates approximately 3,200 students across eight elementary schools; however, through an Ohio School Facilities Commission-funded project, the District will soon consolidate to five brand-new, state-of-the-art elementary schools.

  • Operation VA Amarillo: VA Health Care System's Plan to Improve Aging Facility - The Amarillo VA Health Care System in Amarillo, Texas strives to provide primary, specialty, and extended care of the highest quality to veterans; however, in order to do so effectively, the VA recognizes the need to provide quality maintenance to their aging facility.

  • Letter from the President: Excellent Service - Last issue we wrote about Positive People. This issue, let's briefly discuss Excellent Service. In the simplest of terms, FSE is a service provider. Service is what we produce and what we do. A culture of Excellent Service elevates us to a level above the rest of our industry and makes us the contractor of choice for our clients.

  • Riding for the Lord - Motorcycles have always been a part of my live. My love for the open road with the wind in my face is something you cannot explain - you have to experience it. Hello, my name is Bobby Maxwell and this is the story of how the Lord can give to you your heart's desire.

  • Vissioneer of the Month: Kevin Bonapfel Embodies Vision - In December, Kevin Bonapfel, Operations and Maintenance Foreman at the Centers for Disease Control NIOSH-Taft facility in Ohio, received a testament to his stellar customer service and how he embodies living by FSE's mission statement and policy objectives.

  • Losers Winning Big! - Over 14 weeks, 110 Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. employees put their will power to the test and lost a total of 476.1 pounds! While only four employees took home grand prizes of $500, another 20 site winners won $100 for most pounds lost at their sites.

November 2012
  • Letter from the President: Embracing our Vision - At the 2012 Continuous Improvement Meeting, I shared the new FSE Vision Phrase with our management team and challenged them to cast this vision with all of our employees and clients. In the issues ahead, I want to take time to elaborate on the three main elements of this Vision Phrase in order to facilitate a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

  • Weekend Warrior - I grew up in the '70s and '80s listening to acts like The Allman Brothers, .38 Special, Alabama, and The Charlie Daniels Band. I was always really intrigued by how these musicians were graying the lines between rock and roll and country. I've always been a huge fan of both styles of music which probably comes from the fact that I am the youngest of five children.

  • Susan Rucker "Lands" Visioneer of November - Our FSE Visioneer for November 2012 is Susan Rucker, Lead Groundskeeper at our USDA Athens Project Site. Susan came to us in August of 2008. She holds a degree in Horticulture and has taken an aggressive approach toward the appearance of the Russell Research Center and the South East Poultry Research Lab.

  • FSE Welcomes Three New Employees! - FSE is happy to announce the hiring of three new employees: Kelsey Cassato, Randy Stull and Robert Stahl.

  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and a Healthy New Year - Although FSE's Biggest Loser contest is finished, that doesn't mean the healthy habits have to stop. In fact, now is the time to be the most vigilant. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the average weight gain of an adult from Thanksgiving to New Years is about one pound— but those who are overweight are at higher risk to put on more weight.

September 2012
  • Setting the Bar - The State Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS) is not only protecting and growing the retirement contribution of its more than 125,000 active members and 67,000 benefit recipients, but it's also making it a priority to enhance the environmental quality for its building occupants.

  • Princeton City Schools Vies for HB264 Project - Princeton City Schools, a school district just north of Cincinnati, OH, recently submitted a proposal to the Ohio School Facilities Commission seeking a House Bill 264 Project for its new Middle School/High School complex.

  • Industry Tools: Defrost Controller Slashes Energy Use, Extends Asset Life - From time to time, FSE plans to inform readers about industry tools that help buildings excel. For our first installment of "Industry Tools," we're focusing on the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency.

  • Why We Need a Mission and a Vision - Our FSE vision statement reads, "In a nurturing corporate climate where families are valued and continuous improvement is a way of life, we will treat our customer and our fellow employees as we would wish to be treated so that we will continue to be our customer's contractor of choice." It is my goal over the next few years to simplify and stress this vision, as well as our mission, through all levels of our corporate culture.

  • Son of a Preacher Man - Before Billy Graham, there was Jack Wyrtzen. Does that name sound familiar? Jack Wyrtzen was the father of FSE Project Manager Ron Wyrtzen. While Jack Wyrtzen's family was plagued by poverty, they believed in hard work.

  • On the Move at Four Seasons - September is the America on the Move Month of Action and at FSE we encourage everyone to participate!

  • FSE's First "Visioneer:" Chris Rice - We would like to recognize Chris Rice, Commissioning Agent, in this FSE newsletter issue as our first, official "Visioneer" promoting the FSE vision and mission in the workplace.

July 2012
  • A Little Bit More Goes a Long Way - Sam Parker, the cofounder of Give More Media, Inc., authored a little book entitled 212o: The Extra Degree. This quick read deals with the principle that water at 211o is very hot, but adding one more degree makes it boil, creating energy that produces steam that can power a locomotive.

  • The Business of Bluegrass - I've been with FSE since 1995 as a stationary engineer and general mechanic. It has, and continues to be, a great way to provide for my family and I thank the good Lord for it. But as great as work is, it sure is good to have a hobby. I've had a bunch of them, but one has taken me on a ride I didn't expect: bluegrass music.

  • Biggest Loser: Coming Soon - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc.'s Biggest Loser challenge will return this fall! "We're gearing up to start the Biggest Loser contest again, "says Christel Skorup, Human Resource Manager at FSE.

  • Christel Skorup Transitions to Human Resource Manager - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is pleased to announce that Christel Skorup is beginning her transition from the Commissioning team to her new position as the FSE Human Resources Manager.

May 2012
  • Update: HEI La Jolla Sees Opportunities to Increase Efficiency, Continue Quality - In February, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. brought you a story about HEI Hotels & Resorts' expansion of its retro-commissioning project to the West Coast. Through this project, FSE analyzed HEI's La Jolla hotel in San Diego, CA and provided HEI Hotel & Resorts with a number of ways it can help improve the efficiency of its 360-room hotel, while continuing the level of luxury people associate with HEI.

  • FSE's Mark Hayden to Speak at SAME's Kittyhawk Post Industry Day - As part of the Society of American Military Engineers' 12th annual Kittyhawk Post Industry Day, Mark Hayden, commissioning manager at Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., will be speaking about energy conservation through commissioning.

  • Energy Efficiency Works Looks to Future - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. was honored to take part in the Greater Cincinnati Health Council's "Energy Efficiency Works," a Solutions Conference series event. The conference took place March 28 at the Cincinnati Red Cross facility, and kicked off with exhibits and tours of the facility.

  • OASBO Conference Successful (Again) - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. was proud to take part in the 2012 Ohio Association of School Business Officials' Annual Workshop & Trade Show.

  • Thanks to You! - I recently finished reading the book Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life by Terrence Deal and Alan Kennedy. This classic study of the importance of culture to successful businesses and organizations reminded me of how grateful I am for the culture we share here at FSE.

  • Kenyockey: Warrior for God - For many, hard work does not end at the close of a work day. Ken Yockey, facilities performance engineer at FSE's main office, not only serves FSE's clients well, but he also uses his abilities to help serve others.

  • Where's the Finish Line? - Ever since walking in the door of our new office, we have been instructed and encouraged by the leadership of our company to make the customer happy.

  • Going the Extra Mile - Recently we had an incident here at Russell Research Center in Athens where we had problems with a strong sewer smell in a couple of our labs. We inspected the piping and initially couldn't find the problem.

February 2012
  • Goshen local Schools Reduces Energy to Save Jobs - During these tough economic times, as the state has slashed education budgets, most schools have to lay off staff just to survive. However, Goshen Local Schools implemented an impressive energy campaign to save not only $500,000 since 2008, but also the jobs of many hardworking educators, so that the administration can continue to focus on high-performance education for students, instead of trying to simply make ends meet.

  • HEI Expands Energy Efficiency to West Coast - In August, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. brought you a story about HEI Hotels & Resorts' achievements in energy management as the proud winner of the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. True to the award it won, HEI is continuing its energy excellence through the retro-commissioning of two of its west-coast hotels: the Westin Hotel Pasadena and the Sheraton La Jolla.

  • FSE Goes Back to College - "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Kent State University and Earlham College are sidestepping the old adage by not only continuing centuries of excellence in education, but also taking action through commissioning projects.

  • FSE Cx Team Earns New Certification - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud to announce that six of its Commissioning Group team members achieved Association of Energy Engineers Certification: Chris Bens, Mark Hayden, Jeff Livesay, Bob Stokes, Steve Stuck and Reed Tarkington.

  • Five FSE Employees Receive Certificate of Commendation - FSE would like to extend congratulations to five of our employees who recently received Certificates of Commendation from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. Terry Hizey, John Long, Dennis Mace, Chad Seymour and Jeff Thompson all received the commendation for their contribution to the Innovation Fair.

  • Wellness Initiative Results and Future - Employee Biometrics Screening Completed, But Wellness Initiative Just Getting Started : Although the Blueprint for Wellness biometric screening completed, the FSE wellness initiative has only just begun.

December 2011
  • NOAA Uses Thermal Imaging to Troubleshoot Earthquake Damage - After a recent 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Maryland, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Satellite Operations Facility (NSOF) in Suitland, MD noticed some structural damage. In order to fully assess the damage, as well as determine any other possible existing problem areas, the General Services Administration decided to employ thermal imaging on the facility.

  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Employs Three-Prong Strategy - The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base outside of Dayton, Ohio is currently pursuing a rigid three-prong project to update and enhance its facilities. Through the project, WPAFB is undergoing enhanced commissioning on two of its facilities (the Advanced Power and Thermal Research Lab, and Information Technology Complex) and a pre-certification for its Building 840 Bio-Safety Lab Level 3.

  • Cincinnati Building Pursues Energy Conservation - Usually known as "The Enquirer Building," the 26-story building located at 312 Elm Street recently set its sights on becoming more energy efficient. Under new ownership, the new facility managers (Cassidy Turley) set out to reduce the amount of energy the twenty-year-old facility uses. In order to do so, Cassidy Turley looked to Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. to perform an energy survey, which is used to identify opportunities to reduce energy usage and to reduce the cost to operate the building while enhancing the indoor environment to the tenants.

  • FSE Kicks Off Wellness Initiative - On November 8th, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. kicked off a new, company-wide campaign.

October 2011
  • GSA Awards FSE Commissioning Services - After a rigorous application process, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is excited to announce that the United States General Services Administration has awarded Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. a GSA schedule for commissioning services. In other words, FSE is now approved by the GSA to provide commissioning services.

  • School Building Shows Importance of Retro Test and Balance Services - Holgate Local Schools in Holgate, Ohio recently underwent a retro test and balance services project on its six-year-old K-12 building. Throughout the past six years, the building suffered from uneven air temperatures throughout the building, which resulted in comfort issues for the building occupants.

  • Excellence, Efficiency a Priority for Innovative Ohio Company - As a small business that provides waste management, environmental services, decontamination and decommissioning, and facility management and operations, Wastren Advantage, Inc. clearly understands the importance of a well-executed facility, which is why Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is so proud to have helped one Wastren Advantage facility be as efficient as possible.

  • Metropolitan Sewer District Shows Dedication to Ongoing Quality - The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati regularly updates and outfits its laboratories with the newest, high-tech equipment to keep its facilities running smoothing and generating top-notch results.

  • The Streeter Touts Comfort and Quality - With more than 481 apartment units in the heart of downtown Chicago, The Streeter promises and delivers its tenants an upscale, high-rise apartment building with top-notch facility services.

  • FSE Employees Lost Weight to Win Big - Over 13.5 weeks, 110 Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. employees put their will power to the test and lost a total of 894.5 pounds! While only four employees took home grand prizes of $500, another 14 site winners won $100 for most pounds lost at their sites, and dozens of others lost a collective 463.7 pounds!

August 2011

    March 2011
      January 2011

      November 2010
      • OSU Strengthens Commitment to Commissioning, LEED - The Ohio State University continues to strengthen its commitment to the commissioning and LEED processes through its new Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering and Chemistry Building, which is scheduled to be completed in December 2014.

      • FSE Continues Energy-Savings Tradition - Going "green" may be a new trend, but Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. has been helping facilities save money through energy conservation for more than twenty years.

      • Maintenance Matters to Monroe Local Schools - Mark Newcomb, facilities performance technician at Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., spends three days a week assisting Monroe Local Schools’ maintenance department in its everyday operations.

      • FSE Welcomes Nine New Employees! - Four Seasons Environmental Inc. is excited to announce nine new additions to our growing family.

      • Ultraviolet Lighting Improves Coil Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality - Airborne pollutants, such as mold, bacteria, dust and pollen, are a serious issue for facilities in that they can hinder airflow, negatively effect the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, and irritate allergies and other respiratory ailments.

      • New Employee Accreditations - Steve Stuck, commissioning agent at Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., passed his LEED AP test. Steve is the third FSE employee to hold this credential with Mark Hayden and Reed Tarkington being the other two.

      • Coyotes on the Roof - Yes, it's true. Nine (9) coyotes (artificial of course) now reside on the roof at IRS in Covington, KY.

      • FSE Installs its First Variable Refrigerant Flow - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. successfully installed its first variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system at its NIOSH facility in Cincinnati.

      • FSE Installs New Chiller - At FSE's NIOSH Taft Laboratory project site in Cincinnati, one of the existing York 220-ton screw compressors had failed.

      May 2010

      • Greener Pastures Ahead for Kenton County Detention Center - As the Kenton County Detention Center eyes its new move-in date, which was recently set for November 2010, the construction team focuses on making the 165,000-square foot facility a "green" facility.

      • Mason City Schools Boasts Exceptional High School - Assistant Superintendent Mike Brannon proudly speaks about the accomplishment of Mason City Schools' updated High School. "The addition was a tremendous success," Mike says. "Everyone seems thrilled."

      • Reed Tarkington Receives CPMP Certification - Reed Tarkington, vice president of Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., recently received Commissioning Process Management Professional (CPMP) certification from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

      • Reed Tarkington to Speak at ASHRAE 2010 Annual Conference - ASHRAE's Conferences and Expositions Committee recently selected Reed Tarkington, vice president of Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., to speak at ASHRAE’s 2010 annual conference.

      February 2010
      • Princeton City Schools Dreams Green - Princeton City Schools is going "green." Through a partnership with Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., Princeton City Schools aims to reduce its energy consumption, use more energy-efficient energy products and applications, and reduce its carbon footprint.

      • Fluke 435 Saves Equipment, Money - Help locating, predicting, preventing and troubleshooting problems can be a great asset for a facility—that is where the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyzer comes in.

      • Jeff Livesay Joins Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. - Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is excited to announce that Jeff Livesay, an accomplished electrical technician with more than twenty years of experience, has joined our team.