Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. knows that commissioning is vital to the wellbeing of a building.
Additionally, commissioning can save a facility thousands of dollars a year through the quality assurance testing of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to ensure they efficiently meet the needs of the building.

Commissioning is an ongoing, daily activity that is part of Four Seasons Environmental, Inc.'s core business.
In an effort to provide the best commissioning service for our clients, we implement a nine phase process that includes:

     1. Design review and familiarization

     2. Create master schedule and customized inspection forms

     3. Field installation verification
                 (Inspection Phase 1)

     4. Operational performance testing
                 (Inspection Phase 2)

     5. Functional performance testing
                 (Inspection Phase 3)

     6. Total environment matrix

     7. Infrared thermal imaging

     8. Indoor air quality inspection

     9. Post seasonal follow up and energy performance review

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