Maintenance Planning

As the leading Maintenance Plan Advisor for schools in Ohio, we are proud to be pre-approved with the Ohio Schools Facilities Commission. Additionally, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. has had the privilege of working with more than 85 Ohio school districts as their Maintenance Plan advisor.

Maintenance Planning provides school districts with an accurate assessment of the district's facilities and maintenance practices. Through an asset inventory, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. creates a plan tailored to the District's maintenance needs. The Maintenance Plan will offer budget and staffing recommendations, as well as a number of other recommendations and resources for effectively maintaining school facilities.

The following are FSE's eight goals for the "Preventative" Maintenance Plan:

  • Budgeting and Staffing - The primary purpose of maintenance budgeting, which applies to the building, the equipment, and the maintenance personnel, is to determine and control the required flow of funds to meet expenditures. The resources and guidelines presented by FSE should allow monetary resources to be available in order to secure the lifetime and efficiency of the District's capital-intensive facilities.

  • Professional Development - The rapid change in technology has caused a definite need for continuing education within the maintenance department so that all personnel can effectively and efficiently keep equipment and facilities maintained. Furthermore, training benefits the District, the facility and the employee in many ways, all of which are discussed in a Maintenance Plan.

  • Communicate the Maintenance Initiative - In today's day and age, it is often difficult to get people to vote for educational funding. The most effective tool we have against naysayers is information. It is necessary for the District to disseminate the facts regarding the stewardship of funds to its customers so that they may realize the importance of maintaining facilities. Therefore, the Maintenance Plan features suggestions for topics and tactics for communicating the maintenance plan's success.

  • Right Sourcing - Only the largest and most fully funded of districts can afford to do all of its maintenance work in-house. Considering the technology of today's world, utilizing outside resources as an extension of the maintenance department is an acceptable and encouraged practice. As such, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. provides recommendations to help the District to best benefit from right sourcing (outsourcing).

  • Energy Management - In today's world, energy management is crucial and, perhaps, the most discussed issue in the present economy. Not only is it beneficial to the environment, but it can also deliver tangible benefits. Through energy management, school districts can implement energy-conserving initiatives that will, in turn, save money in utility bills. FSE discusses the advantages of implementing energy-saving initiatives, as well as specific practices districts can implement.

  • Environmental Health and Safety - Public places of gathering, and notably school facilities, must be safe for everyone. By following the safety standards developed under the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the specifications stipulated in Jarod's Law, districts are able to provide safe conditions for anyone who walks through its doors. The Maintenance Plan features a number of valuable resources to aid school districts in their health and safety practices.

  • Preventive Strategies and Maintenance Performance Metrics Overview - When implementing a Maintenance Plan, it is important to set up a system of metrics. Without a way to evaluate the plan, it is nearly impossible to determine what works and what should be reevaluated. Not only can metrics help districts evaluate processes and its costs, but it can also hold employees accountable and monitor energy-savings initiatives. Therefore, FSE provides a number of useful metrics to help assure accountability in the maintenance department.

  • Implementation, Questions and Improvement Overview - FSE provides documents that will help school districts implement the Maintenance Plan in an efficient and effective manner. These documents include an action plan, questions districts should ask themselves regularly and an accountability log.

MPA Experience

The following are Ohio school districts for which FSE provided Maintenance Planning services:

Adams County / Ohio Valley School District
Adams County / Ohio Valley School District Adams County/ Ohio Valley School District chose Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. to provide its Maintenance Planning services for new and renovated schools. The District is currently constructing three new elementary schools, as well as renovating three high schools and a career and technical center.
Middletown City Schools
Middletown City Schools FSE created a customized Maintenance Plan for the Districts eight elementary schools, including four new facilities, and 4 renovated buildings. Additionally, FSE provided custodial, thermal imaging and infrared reports for the District.

Jefferson Area Local School District
Jefferson Area Local School District FSE created a Maintenance Plan for Jefferson Elementary School and Rock Creek Elementary School, and is currently working on a Plan for the new Jefferson Junior High School.