Securing Your Peace of Mind

Building safety is more than smoke detectors these days. Trusted by the USDA and UPS, FSE creates custom security solutions to protect your most valuable assets. A good security system provides peace of mind through:

  • Protecting building occupants
  • Restricting access to your property
  • Keeping equipment and your intellectual property secure
  • Protecting your business from theft, lawsuits and employee misconduct

One Company, One Solution

FSE Security Solutions installs, integrates, repairs, hosts and manages the industry's leading technology, allowing us to cater to all of your security needs.

security camera
access cards
fire sprinkler

An Integrated Camera System deters against crime, and offers critical evidence for crime committed on your property. Feel secure monitoring your property in real-time from your office, home or an ocean away.

Restrict access to your facility through Physical Access Controls. From card readers to interlocking access points to biometric access gates, you determine who has access to your building and property, and when.

Protect building occupants during an emergency with Life Safety Security, including water tamper valves, pull stations, water-flow switches, dampers, fire alarms, heat sensors, duct detectors, fire doors, evaluation notification systems and more.

24/7 lock
fire alarm
secure lock

Keep eyes on your facility around the clock with Monitoring Services, keeping occupants safe with motion detectors, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, mass notifications and more.

Never lose operation of your Communication Systems with structured, low-voltage wiring, wireless access points and telephone systems. FSE enables all data-required devices to perform optimally.

And More! Secure your facility through entry gates, gate arms and guard stations. Keep your systems operational through power supply, door operators and safety system commissioning.

Let Us Support You

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