GSA Awards FSE Building Maintenance and Operations Contract

GSA Logo The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. a contract for its new Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) Zone 1 strategic sourcing solution. Of the 33 new contracts awarded by the GSA, FSE is one of 24 contracts awarded to small business. The following link provides more information about the 33 new contracts awarded by the GSA to FSE and other companies.
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Innovation in Design

USGBC LEED When pursuing LEED certification, every point matters. One great opportunity for extra points is the Innovation in Design credit category. Under EAc3: Enhanced Commissioning, the project team has the option to reserve one point in the Innovation in Design credit category for Exemplary Performance of Enhanced Commissioning. This Innovation in Design credit resolves around the building's exterior, or more commonly called the building's envelope. In order to receive the credit, the project team must include the building envelope as part of the buildings systems that are to be commissioned.



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