Why Choose Us?

We are in the business of high-performance buildings. That is what we know best. This frees you to focus on the business that you know best. For more than 35 years, FSE has assisted clients in maximizing the value of their property assets. By offering services that save money, increase efficiency and maximize energy savings, our clients have been able to optimize productivity and their return on investment.

GSA Schedule

FSE is proud to be on the GSA Schedule. This contracting vehicle allows government buyers to purchase services from FSE via pre-established pricing, terms, and conditions. Our Contract Number is 47QSHA19D001K and can be found on the GSA website.

Facility Performance Services

Since 1987, we have been operating, maintaining and repairing facilities. We staff facilities with full time, on-site, FSE employees, which allows clients to stay productive while we ensure their facilities are in peak condition.


FSE works with clients to not only keep buildings in peak condition, but to also save thousands of dollars a year through quality assurance testing of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as the building envelope, ensuring they meet the needs of the building.

Energy Savings Services

As one of only 90 companies in the US to be listed on the Department of Energy’s Qualified List of Energy Service Companies, FSE guarantees real-dollar energy savings for our clients. Energy services include dashboard solutions and sub-metering.

Maintenance Planning

As the leading mainteanace plan advisor for schools in Ohio, FSE has worked with more than 100 districts, as well as numerous companies in the United States, to provide accurate assessments of their facilities and create plans tailored to their needs, as well as Preventive Maintenance Management Software.

Test and Balance

Fifty percent of buildings fall out of calibration within the first five years of operation. FSE, which is certified by the NEBB, providesTAB services to extend equipment life cycles and provide proven energy savings and comfort results.

HB264 / HB153 Consulting

FSE has helped multiple Ohio school districts utilize House Bill 264 to save thousands of dollars, allowing them to use cost-saving energy measures to pay for much-needed facility improvements.

Healthy Buildings

In the age of post-COVD, buildings require special attention to ensure a healthy and safe environment. FSE can help. Please consider the steps outlined in this ASHRAE Guideline as a first step to ensure your facilities are managed to the “new normal.”

Thermal Imaging

Through in-depth thermal assessment, FSE is able to help organizations save as much as 25 percent on their energy costs. The assessments allow us to pinpoint areas in which facilities can take corrective action to be more energy efficient, targeting both building envelope and equipment.