Centers for Disease Control

"Four Season Environmental Inc. has been the facilities management provider for CDC facilities for over 20 years. They are responsible for over 4 million square feet of labs and office space here in Atlanta GA. Their performance in facility assessment services, capital budget projections and facilities maintenance and management has been excellent. It's a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. We have always been able to rely on their flexibility and courteous service. I recommend them to you without reservation."

George K. Raymond, Deputy Director

Department of Veterans Affairs

"Our team found the commissioning process working with Four Seasons to be very enjoyable. The Four Seasons team was very competent and came to commissioning meetings/inspections ready to perform to help keep the process moving forward… Given my experience working with Four Season's I would recommend them for use as Commissioning Agents."

Andrew B. Bolyard, P.E., Asst. Chief, Facilities Management Service

Mason City Schools

"Four Seasons' knowledge, continued advocacy and customer service truly benefited our district and I would strongly recommend them to anyone undertaking a renovation or construction project."

Todd Petrey, Chief Operating Officer

Northwest Local School District

"It has been my experience from working with Four Seasons…that they truly offer the best service and support hands down. Their high expectations for customer satisfaction and relentless pursuit for the correction or non-conforming work was second to none. This type of service which provides the owner, not only piece of mind from an operational standpoint, but the comfort of knowing that you truly got what you paid for."

Christopher P. McKee, Director of Business Operations

Dayton Metro Library

"Their skillsets and highly qualified personnel delivered the expertise and oversight of all Enhanced Commissioning inspections performed to ensure contract and design compliance for all systems in our LEED Gold achievement completed project. All of their 'Team' members demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and exhibited superior qualification and knowledge in all aspects of construction."

Gerry B. Mitchell, R.A.

Garmann/Miller & Associates, Inc.

"Four Seasons knowledge and experience with building systems and controls provides great value to the owner throughout the design and construction process. Their team has been extremely thorough throughout both the design review and functional/operational testing phases when compared to other commissioning agent firms I have worked with on my projects."

Andrew Huelsman P.E., CEM

Johnstown-Monroe Local School District

"They have provided invaluable input on our construction projects and have helped us, post project, resolve many issues. In addition, we have employed Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. to provide ongoing HVAC systems maintenance which has yielded great value to our district reducing the need to call in various vendors to perform maintenance and repair work. I would highly encourage any public or private entity to consider the services of Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. for their project commissioning or HVAC system maintenance needs."

Dale L. Dickson, Superintendent

CMS Corporation

"Mr. McDonald's [Quality Control Manager] ability to foresee potential problems on the project and his ability to address issues with project personnel in a non‐confrontational way made him an invaluable member of the team. During conflicts with both subcontractors and other CMS team members, Mr. McDonald was able to professionally and effectively manage the situations to the best possible outcome for all parties involved."

Chad Lewis, Director of Business Operations

LWC Incorporated

"Regarding the Dayton Metro Library projects: "This particular project encountered delays and other conditions over the completion of the project. Chris [Commissioning Agent] and his team were flexible in their approach to working with the design and construction teams to address these issues and, where necessary, took an active role in helping develop a successful outcome for the Owner. I will gladly reach out to FSE on future projects for their Commissioning Services."

William Kaly, AIA - Senior Project Manager

Lancaster City Schools

"Working with Mr. Rice [Commissioning Agent] and Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. team has been an outstanding experience. They have provided a high quality service in a professional manner and have become my 'go to' folks for needed clarification."

Jeff Hutchinson, Project Executive


"Regarding the Kent State Tri-Tower Residential Housing project: FSE provided a high level of quality service and customer satisfaction for the project. [FSE] provided Commissioning service for the project that was a major reason for the three buildings achieving LEED Certification."

Jeff Hutchinson, Project Executive

Ruscilli Construction Co., Inc.

"Regarding The Ohio State University Schottenstein Center Basketball Practice Facility:FSE's professional staff was very responsive to the project needs and provided a complete and quality service. We appreciate the overall service we received and would recommend FSE for similar services."

Adam J. Drexel, LEED AP - Senior Project Manager

Miami University

"Nick has always maintained the highest integrity with his role as our Commissioning Agent for our building projects. He has also aided in making sure our energy systems perform and function as designed. I am very comfortable in recommending Nick McDonald and the Four Season's team as a quality commissioning firm."

Doug Hammerle, Director of Energy Systems

Summit Construction Company LLC

"With the help of Four Seasons, Lancaster Tallmadge Elementary was completed three months ahead of schedule at no additional cost to the Owner with all systems functioning properly when the Owner occupied the building. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Four Seasons Environmental for all your commissioning needs and services."

Andy Rogers, LEED AP - Project Executive

Miller Associates and Planners

"...congrats on a job WELL done on the Energy Modeling of the College of Architecture! Not only was that one of the hightest number of anticipated points from a model I've ever had attempted on a project, but not a SINGLE clarification on it!"

Jerimiah Luckett, LEED AP, Sustainability Director

Sycamore Community Schools

"Their work is ensuring that the systems are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, which translates to dollars saved on utility bills for the tax payers of the Sycamore Community Schools. I highly recommend that you give strong consideration to Four Seasons Environmental, Inc..."

Chad Lewis, Director of Business Operations

Goshen Local School District

"I cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond the normal expectations in this industry. Your sensitivity, diligence, and energy has made working with [Reed Tarkington] and [Ken Yockey] a joy. If you need a reference in the future for you or Four Seasons, please do not hesitate to have them contact me. I would highly recommend both you and your company to any school district."

Todd Shinkle, Treasurer

Olmsted Falls City Schools

"Four Seasons provides and easy to use and all inclusive preventive building and equipment maintenance online product for all staff to utilize and also provides fast and efficient productsupport service when needed."

Tim Atkinson, Director of Business Affairs

Southeastern Local School District

"I would definitely recommend Four Seasons Environmental to any school district. The savings for our district was well over any expectations we had going into the project. In the first 8 months of FY'08 we've saved over $70,000 on our natural gas bill. Now granted we had to split the savings with Four Seasons, but that is what makes this contract so great - you only pay if they can save you money."

Phil Hartman, Treasurer

Adams County/Ohio Valley S.D.

"I want to thank Four Seasons Environmental for a job well done on our projects and would proudly recommend your firm to any organization seeking to maximize the operating potential of their facilities."

American Red Cross

"The information [the commissioning agent] provided was always thorough and easily understood by our building maintenance staff."

Bloom-Vernon L.S.D.

"FSE's Maintenance Track has allowed not only me to be more efficient, but our entire district."

Centers for Disease Control

"It's a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. We have always been able to rely on their flexibility and courteous service."

Coshocton City Schools

"I would recommend Chris Rice [Commissioning Agent] and Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. because of the professional manner and knowledge shown while working with all of us building our new elementary school."

Hardin-Houston Local Schools

"...Four Seasons Environmental is one of the few companies who have the expertise to deliver the expertise necessary for success."

Hill International

"Chris Rice [Commissioning Agent] has been instrumental in the proper functionality of the commissioned systems and efficient training of Owner personnel."

Holgate Local Schools

"[Chris Rice] and [Tom Kennedy] worked closely with the Grange Facilities Team and we are very appreciative of their expertise and assistance."

Grange Insurance

"[Gary Robinson's (Facilities Performance Engineer)] professionalism, work ethic, positive attitude and genuine desire to help others are often rare traits when hiring outside contractors to perform work. Gary cared as much about our building as he would his own home."

Mid USA Credit Union

"I would strongly recommend Four Seasons Environmental to any potential client..."

Milford Exempted Village School District

"Milford Schools would strongly recommend consideration of Four Seasons Environmental."

North College Hill City Schools

"Your system has worked well for us. It has given us clear instructions for how our equipment should be maintained and I believe will save us money in the long run."

Oak Hills Local School District

"FSE's Cloud-based, barcoded, preventive maintenance program (Maintenance Track) has resulted in reduced energy costs, increased asset life extension and reduced outsourced break/fix repair costs."

Ravenna School District

"I would highly recommend Four Seasons and Chris Rice [Commissioning Agent]. I am grateful for his involvement with our project."

Richard L. Bowen Associates

"...Four Seasons Environmental's experienced and quality staff went above and beyond expectations to verify the quality installation, operation, and training to the Brookfield K12 staff were met and exceeded expectations."

Resource International

"We look forward to working with Four Seasons again ... and would highly recommend this group to other clients around the State of Ohio."

Toronto City Schools

"I would be glad to recommend their services to any district considering or involved in a new building or renovation project."

URS Corporation

"I believe their commissioning services played an integral part in delivering the building owner a fully functioning HVAC system in line with the project drawings and specifications."

Vanguard-Sentinel Career & Technology Centers

"Four Seasons was a wonderful partner with the school district, as well as the other partners in our project, namely the architect, construction manager, the OSFC and sub-contractors."

Washington-Nile Local Schools

"Without a doubt [Chris Rice (Commissioning Agent)] has kept the well being of this school district at the top priority..."

Wastren Advantage

"Four Seasons Environmental provided professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous staff..."