Fluke 435 Saves Equipment, Money

February 2010

Help locating, predicting, preventing and troubleshooting problems can be a great asset for a facility—that is where the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyzer comes in. The innovative tool hooks up to high-voltage electric equipment to monitor its energy consumption and load demand, and then gives the user chart depicting where the energy consumption is, and if there are any peaks or depressions.

As noted at Fluke Corporation’s Web site, applications include:

  • Quickly diagnose problems on-screen to get your operation back online
  • Detect and prevent power quality issues before they cause downtime
  • Validate incoming power quality at the service entrance
  • Uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues
  • Verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
  • Quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices

Jeff Livesay, a commissioning agent at FSE, notes, “With this instrument we can detect electrical deficiencies that can cause problems in a facility and suggest possible remedies that will make the facility more efficient.”

More information about the Fluke 435 can be found at www.Fluke.com.