FSE Continues Energy-Savings Tradition

November 2010

Going "green" may be a new trend, but Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. has been helping facilities save money through energy conservation for more than 20 years.

Through the energy-savings services, FSE calculates each facility's KBTU per square foot and then compares it against industry-standards. "If the energy used is higher than expected, then we put together a plan to determine why the building is consuming that level of energy," says Ken Yockey, facilities performance engineer. "Then, an energy plan is put together that highlights strategies that can be used to reduce energy usage."

In fact, since 2005 alone, FSE has documented a total of $1.4 million in energy-savings for its energy clients.

Some energy-saving strategies implemented include recalibrating control systems, replacing failed sensors and controllers, and working with the building's management team for better operational control.

"Four Seasons Environmental saved our district several thousand dollars every month this year," says Greg Hawk, superintendent of Lynchburg-Clay School District. "We are very pleased with the service Four Seasons provided and highly recommend them to any school district looking to save money."

Ken notes that he has two goals for every facility he helps: to reduce the energy consumption of the facility, and educate and equip the staff and building occupants to embrace a higher level of energy awareness.

"It's very rewarding to work directly with the customers as a team to enhance some of the energy solutions that the different facilities encounter and to watch them become aware and take leadership of the facilities' energy usage," says Ken, "and in doing so they become stewards of a greener tomorrow.”"

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