HEI Hotels & Resorts Looks to Retro-Commissioning to Conserve Energy

January 2011

HEI Hotels & Resorts, with numerous properties across the United States, is currently extending its commitment to energy conservation through a retro-commissioning process for 13 of its sites.

"Our primary goal is to go in and look for opportunities for saving either energy or operating costs," says Ken Yockey, facilities performanceHEI Hotels & Resorts Logo engineer for FSE. "To do this, we perform a site visit and meet with the chief engineer and/or engineers on duties for each site, and then we develop a plan and energy report."

This stage of the process will be completed for all 13 buildings, which each have approximately 250-300 rooms, by the end of March 2011.

The retro-commissioning project merely emphasizes HEI Hotel & Resorts' commitment to energy savings. "All of the HEI facilities I've been in have been well-run, top-notch facilities," says Ken. "Hats off to all of the HEI Building Engineers who run a great program."

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