FSE Thermal Imaging Report Provides Solution to Ice Dam Issues

January 2011

Through a thermal imaging inspection provided by Four Seasons Environmental, Inc., the Jefferson Area Local School District may now have a solution to its recurrent ice dam issues.Rock Creek Elementary School

 "The District is experiencing a lot of recurrent ice dam issues during the snowy and icy northern-Ohio winters," says Mike Spaulding, Level II certified thermographer, "so through our thermal investigation, we provided recommendations and solutions for the roofing areas that could correct the current conditions at the District's three newly constructed facilities."

Mike Spaulding notes that through solving the ice dam issues, the District may see other benefits. It may make school grounds environmentally safer by eliminating potentially hazardous conditions to visitors and it can lengthen the lifespan of the buildings by eliminating excessive stresses on the structures. Additionally, the solutions could also aid other northern-Ohio facilities experiencing ice dam problems.

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