Great Oaks and FSE Create a Unique Commissioning Experience

March 2011

Great Oaks Career Campuses, a career and technology center that features four career and technology campuses in the southwestern Ohio region, is currently undergoing an expansive renovation and addition project for its Diamond Oaks campus. Diamond Oaks Career Campus

Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. was selected by Great Oaks to begin commissioning services in June of 2009. However, this is not an ordinary commissioning job, explains Mark Hayden, commissioning group manager at Four Seasons Environmental, Inc.

Through the project, Great Oaks decided to keep much of its existing system, including the controls and HVAC hardware and equipment. "Any time you're trying to integrate the old with the new, it's challenging," says Mark. "Our goal is to ensure all systems are functioning correctly, and to ensure the building operates efficiently."

Mark also notes that working with career and technology centers creates a unique and exciting experience for the commissioning team. "Since Great Oaks teaches construction and mechanical systems, they know their systems and the construction process, so they are extremely engaged," explains Mark. "This creates a really positive and dynamic commissioning experience for all involved."

The three-phased construction project, which combined spans approximately 213,000 square feet, began in the summer of 2009 and is scheduled to complete in September of 2011.

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