FSE Employees Lost Weight to Win Big!

October 2011

Over 13.5 weeks, 110 Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. employees put their will power to the test and lost a total of 894.5 pounds! While only four employees took home grand prizes of $500, another 14 site winners won $100 for most pounds lost at their sites, and dozens of others lost a collective 463.7 pounds!

"I'm very impressed with the dedication of those who participated in our 'Biggest Loser Challenge,'" says Christel Cousino, the company-wide contest coordinator. "These people jumpstarted healthier lifestyles, not only for their lives, but for their families."

Ending August 3, first prize went to four devoted contestants: Cindy Marzheuser (NIOSH), Dana Fisher (Athens), Randy Kaake (NIOSH) and Shannon Harrison (CDC Chamblee). Together, these four competitors lost a total of 149.6 pounds!

"It's inspiring," says Christel, "not only to me, but to the company. It's a great precursor to FSE's 2012 wellness initiative."

Site winners include:
AthensGarey Manley, 22.0 lbsDana Fisher, 29.8 lbs**
CDC AtlantaRay Fisher, 45.8 lbsMaria Blackwell, 8.7 lbs
CDC ChambleeShannon Harrison, 49.0 lbs**Vernette Seays-Briley, 14.0 lbs
Covington IRSNo male participantsLauren Bail, 2.4 lbs
DFAS/DSCCChad Seymour, 40.6 lbsJennifer Ciotola, 10.0 lbs
Ft. PierceJason Hough, 16.4 lbsSheila Dennis, 15.4 lbs
Chamblee IRSFrank Wood, 14.5 lbsShirley Sklar, 8.0 lbs
MonroeMark Hayden, 28.2 lbsBrandy Griffis, 13.6 lbs
NIOSHRandy Kaake, 41.0 lbs**Cindy Marzheuser, 29.8 lbs**
NOAAJohn Hammons, 43.6 lbsNo female participants