Energy Efficiency Works Looks to Future

May 2012

Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. was honored to take part in the Greater Cincinnati Health Council's "Energy Efficiency Works," a Solutions Conference series event. The conference took place March 28 at the Cincinnati Red Cross facility, and kicked off with exhibits and tours of the facility. Greater Cincinnati Helth Council's Logo

Later in the day, FSE's Ken Yockey and Gary Robinson, both facilities performance engineers, were two of the four keynote speakers for the event.

"Our topic was 'A Candid Look at Energy, Dashboards and Operations,'" says Ken. "We spoke about a number of facets and used real-world examples, but the takeaway was that energy dashboards can help a facility staff on a daily basis ascertain how efficient their facilities are and how effective their air conditioning systems are at providing clean, safe air delivery into their spaces."

According to Ken and Gary, the event was a success. "It was really an informative discussion and I personally really enjoyed the other speakers," says Ken. "It really gives you a glimpse of what is possible in the future."