Update: HEI La Jolla Sees Opportunities to Increase Efficiency, Continue Quality

May 2012

In February, Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. brought you a story about HEI Hotels & Resorts' expansion of its retro-commissioning project to the West Coast. Through this project, FSE analyzed HEI's La Jolla hotel in San Diego, CA and provided HEI Hotel & Resorts with a number of ways it can help improve the efficiency of its 360-room hotel, while continuing the level of luxury people associate with HEI.


"As part of our analysis, we recommended that HEI replace the existing centrifugal chiller with a high-speed, oil-less unit that uses magnetic bearings (such as Turbocor)," says Gary Robinson, facilities performance engineer for Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. "This would save the facility 30 percent of its annual chiller electricity cost, which is impressive, as the chiller is the single largest energy consumer in La Jolla hotel."

Additionally, Gary notes that the analysis recommended that HEI improve their control of the building, which will save them a minimum of 25 percent in lighting and HVAC operations.

HEI is currently reviewing the findings of the analysis, which Gary notes "will help HEI continue to provide a comfortable and luxurious experience for its clients."