Thanks To You!

May 2012

I recently finished reading the book Corporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life by Terrence Deal and Alan Kennedy. This classic study of the importance of culture to successful businesses and organizations reminded me of how grateful I am for the culture we share here at FSE. This is a place with a mission committed to mastering service, a vision to value people and a desire to continually improve at doing both. You [can be confident that I am sincere when I frequently share with our clients that "We [FSE] may not be perfect, but we aspire to excellence and are committed to continually improve our services and our client relationships."

Deal and Kennedy reinforce the fact that businesses are more than brick, mortar and balance sheets – they are human institutions that respond to the same stimuli that individuals react to. After 30 years of working with janitors, journeyman, engineers and executives, I am convinced that one of the greatest human needs is a sense of significance (I have purpose). Although it is precarious to assume that any of us are irreplaceable, it is healthy (and liberating) to feel useful and significant. Programs, tools, methods and policies can enhance our work environment and make our company more efficient, but FSE people make this a special place to work.

To this end, I want to say thanks so much to each of you for everything you do every day to serve our clients, serve each other and make the world inside and around Four Seasons a really good place to live. You are the faces our clients see when they think about FSE. You are the source of excellent service they receive. You are our most valuable assets, key resources and the trusted keepers of our good name. I am constantly amazed at the wealth of character and talent you bring our way every day you show up and fulfill what I observe to be divine appointments. THANKS for being significant to our success and blessings on each of your families.


Ken Dickerson