Letter from the President: Why We Need a Mission and a Vision

September 2012

Our FSE vision statement reads, "In a nurturing corporate climate where families are valued and continuous improvement is a way of life, we will treat our customer and our fellow employees as we would wish to be treated so that we will continue to be our customer's contractor of choice." It is my goal over the next few years to simplify and stress this vision, as well as our mission, through all levels of our corporate culture.

Why is this important to all of us at FSE? If we embrace mission and vision, it will empower our actions with energy and purpose. Much of our daily work is repetitive and, at times, mundane and our energy can be sapped by the day-to-day tasks we perform, even though they are essential in providing reliability and efficiency to our clients. Vision keeps us forward thinking and forward focused, and reminds us that every task is a contribution to something that is greater than the sum of all its parts: the success of our client's mission and the success of FSE as a whole.

Our FSE mission and vision defines our opportunities and keeps our challenges in perspective. It keeps us from thinking too small, while reminding us to focus growth opportunities in areas in which we have great expertise and doing things at which we are really good. The best changes in business are those that are anchored to a consistent vision of who we are and what we do best.

According to Andy Stanley, in his book Making Vision Stick, vision is more than words and pictures and is best captured in "living examples" in which people really get what we are all about. Vision rushes to the front of our attention with energy and resolve. We have hundreds of commendations about "living examples" whom I like to refer to as "visioneers," where clients have expressed their gratitude for our employees treating them as we would wish to be treated.

Vision is important to anchor us when we are challenged and keep us focused when we are extremely successful. Over the next decade, we will experience firsthand new people doing new things in new markets with new technologies. The ability to preserve our vision will sustain FSE through the excitement, chaos, panic and apprehension that big changes always bring to the workplace.

I will have more to share about our vision and our mission in the months ahead. Thank you for being a part of the FSE family. I am consistently amazed and grateful for the tremendous wealth of expertise and talent gathered to work together at FSE. We are blessed and grateful you are here!


Ken Dickerson