Losers Winning Big!

October 2011

Over 14 weeks, 110 Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. employees put their will power to the test and lost a total of 476.1 pounds! While only four employees took home grand prizes of $500, another 20 site winners won $100 for most pounds lost at their sites.

"While fall is not the easiest time to lose weight, a lot of people really took the challenge to heart and made amazing achievements," says Christel Skorup, Human Resources Manager at Four Seasons. "These people jumpstarted healthier lifestyles, not only for their lives, but for their families."

Ending November 28, first prize went to four devoted contestants: Zach Schmidt (NIOSH), Bill Huff (NIOSH), Lauren Bail (IRS, Covington) and Christine Hughes (CFAS/DSCC). Together, these four competitors lost a total of 125.2 pounds!

"It's exciting to see such incredible life changes," says Christel, "especially on the cusp of our 2013 wellness initiative!"

Site winners include:
AthensRonnie Bolton, 7.6 lbsJoyce McKeever, 17.4 lbs
CDC ChambleeEdward McCullers, 16.2 lbsVernette Briley, 3.6 lbs
CDC RoybalDavid Fenley, 9.8 lbsValorie Benner, 16.0 lbs
DFAS/DSCCJeff Thompson, 15.2 lbsChristine Hughes, 19.2 lbs**
Ft. PierceWalt Dennis, 6.3 lbsShelia Dennis, 3.6 lbs
IRS, ChambleeSean Loewisch, 18.5 lbsShirley Sklar, 8.1 lbs
IRS, CovingtonNo male participantsLauren Bail, 23.0 lbs**
Kettering, OHTony Hogan, 25.6 lbsMandi Severing, 18.6 lbs
LawrencvilleNo eligible participantNo eligible participant
MonroeJohn Hedrick, 7.6 lbsKaitlin Black, 17.2 lbs
NIOSHZach Schmidt, 45.6 lbs**Cindy Marzheuser, 12.0 lbs
NOAAJosh Hammons, 27.2 lbsNo female participants

** Not eligible win because being a Grand Prize Winner!