Byron "Buck" Buchanan Demonstrates Excellent Care

March 2013
CDC Atlanta

Byron "Buck" BuchananWe want to recognize Mr. Buchanan as this issue's FSE Visioneer. Buck came to FSE after a distinguished 41-year civil service career that began with the U.S. Army and a decorated tour of duty in Vietnam. He ended his civil service career at the CDC Power Plant and came to work for FSE with the recommendation of our client. Buck is known for his great attitude and his ability to get his work done with excellence. He has been married to his wife Robyn for 26 years with two children (Lauren and James), and has a grandchild on the way this spring. Recently Buck received this commendation from one of our CDC clients.

"I would like to submit this commendation for Byron Buchanan (Buck) for his tireless determination on the maintenance and repairs of the bollards, wedges and gates, at the CDC Roybal Campus. These objects are an intricate and important part in the security of CDC and its mission to the American people. Mr. Buchanan structured a meeting with an external contractor to evaluate and propose estimated cost for the entire system. He cataloged all elements of the estimate to determine which items he could accomplish. With his knowledge and experience he avoided additional costs on behalf of CDC by executing many of the tasks himself. Many of these undertakings comprised of coordinating with CDC staff, external contractors and/or Security staff, which in itself can be extremely challenging. Mr. Buchanan used every opportunity to minimize the impact to CDC, the mission and campus personnel while this work was being performed. Through these efforts security on the CDC Roybal campus has been increased significantly. All of this was completed while continuing to carry out his normal assigned duties. Mr. Buchanan continues to demonstrate a persistent and unmatched work ethic. We are certainly glad to have him on our team."


Larry Rountree
Building 23 Manager
CDC Roybal Campus

Another example of Positive People doing Excellent Service with Exceptional Care. Thank you Buck for your investment in our success!