It's Hard to Love the Tax Man

May 2013

Not really, when his name is Bobby Darnell. Bobby is one of the FSE staff members at the Kenton County Detention Center and prepares income tax returns in his spare time. Here is his story.

My Story: How I Got Started
The scriptures tell us to "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's." TBobby Darnellhis means we are obligated to pay our taxes, but it also means not paying Caesar (Government) more than we are required to. I started preparing taxes eight years ago and enjoy the challenge of getting my clients the lowest tax liability (what you owe) while getting my clients the most money refunded to them. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them with a stressful situation. When you mention taxes or the IRS, it evokes fear or anger in many people; but for some people, it brings relief to a household budget that is wearing thin. Many people need their refunds to make ends meet.

No Kidding, True Story
I met a lady this year that was so down mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She was a recovering drug addict that was trying so hard to get her life back together and was working to get her children back. She was working a job that paid minimum wage. When I sat down to start her taxes, I thought to myself that this lady has led a rough life. People would probably say that it was because of her bad choices in life, and this is probably true. A famous evangelist once said about a drunk on the street, "Except by the grace of God, there go I," so I felt sorry for her.

When I finished her taxes and told her what her refund would be, she sobbed because this money would help her get a place of her own and start the process of getting her kids back. But joy turned into sorrow when I told her how much my employer needed to file her taxes. She was devastated because she could not afford less than one hundred dollars to file.

It was then that I was led to pay for her tax preparation myself. You would have thought that I gave her a new car or thousands of dollars. She was crying uncontrollably and, I must admit, it brought a tear to my eyes, knowing that such a small sacrifice on my behalf made a big difference in someone else's life. It was then that I realized that no matter what we do, we have the ability to minister to the needs of others.

It Really Does Come Back to Customer Service
I have learned a lot by preparing taxes - and one of them is customer service. This helps me when dealing with our customer at KCDC. I realize that good customer service keeps the relationship between FSE and KCDC in good standing, and everyone benefits from this. Customer service is not hard and not rocket science. We just need to treat our customers like we wish to be treated.