FSE Honors Worker Anniversaries

February 2014
Four Seasons loves to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our incredible employees. This issue, we want to acknowledge the many employees who have provided excellent service for two incredible milestones: five years and ten years as of 2013!

Thank you to all of the amazing employees who have chosen to be a part of the FSE family for so long.

Five Years
Aaron Beauchamp
Alva Scully
Antonio Black
Aubrey Campbell
Berice Goulbourne
Charlie Banks
David Whaley
Emmett Smith
Harold Hart
James Frazier
Jeffrey McCullough
Jerry Russell
Joel Hankinson
John Hedrick
John Reynolds
Joshua Markow
Karl Smith
Ken Yockey Jr.
Kevin Harris
Lionel Dundee
Ray Coleman
Raymond Fisher
Susan Rucker
Steven McKenzie
Troy Parnell
Vince Wright
Wallace Brooks

10 Years:
Brandy Anderson
Darrien Christian
Donald Ricci
John Long
Keith Smith
Keynayoka Benton
Martha Mitchell
Martin Wyatt
Perry Johnson
Wasi Khawaja