Letter from the President

April 2014

Following the Leader

One of the great philosophers, Aristotle, sums up Excellence quite succinctly: "You have promise."

There is a proverb that says, "People perish where they lack vision," and "There is no life where there is no hope."

What motivates people to succeed? Where do they find energy to do what it takes to finish well? I am convinced that people underachieve because they fail to fully recognize their significance to the world around them. They look at the movers and shakers doing great things in highly public ways and drown in their own perceived insignificance. They do not see their value to the world around them.

If we truly want to be known as positive people providing excellent service with exceptional care, we need energy to continually improve and to continually turn the ordinary into the extraordinary for ourselves, our families, our clients and our associates. It is imperative that we realize we have the ability to make the world around us better. We must accept that there is promise and possibility inside of us, as well as the people we live around. The acceptance of this reality can fuel our efforts to accomplish worthwhile things. It can empower us to bring value and hope and satisfaction to others.

Our company is made up of a great variety of people with talents and expertise in many different areas. FSE could not do what is required of our organization if we depended on just a few of us to get it done. Every employee of this company plays a key role in our success because, regardless of our function or job description, it is our commitment to excellence and exceptional care that increases our collective effectiveness in an exponential manner. I want to reinforce in all of our minds that what we do is significant and how we do it sets us apart from other companies. Above all, I want every employee of FSE to grab hold of the reality that each of us has the ability to make the world around us a better place. There are things that every one of you can accomplish personally that cannot be done by anyone else. You have the power to be a difference maker in lives. All of you, as a group, consistently amaze me with your ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary for our clients, each other and the world around us. Keep up the good work; there is a great need for what you have to offer. Excellence and exceptional care remains in high demand.

You are the best -

Ken Dickerson