Visioneer: Chris Rice Commits to Excellence

August 2014

Chris RiceThis issue's "Visioneer" recognition goes to Chris Rice, our Commissioning team's Group Field Manager. Mr. Chad Lewis, the Director of Operations for the Sycamore Community School District writes, "Mr. Rice has been a critical member serving on my construction team and his responsibility for monitoring the installation of all of our major mechanical and electrical systems for the Maple Dale Elementary Project. He was able to hold contractors accountable by spending countless hours in the field, providing commissioning reports, and identifying issues that could have been missed with a lesser agent in the field. He is passionate about his work and is dedicated to making sure the project installations are completed correctly. Due to the efforts of FSE and Mr. Rice, we are continually meeting with HVAC contractors and others from our construction project in an effort to fine tune our systems. Their work is ensuring that the systems are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, which translates to dollars saved on utility bills for the tax payers of the Sycamore Community Schools.

Surrounding yourself with a strong team is critical to the success of a construction project. I can confidently say without hesitation that having Mr. Rice on my support team is beneficial to the overall function of my major mechanical and electrical systems and towards the completion of a major construction project."

Thank you Chris for all you do to make FSE a success. Your commitment to excellent service and exceptional care has created a positive report of a satisfied client and another example of our company's good name in the industry. We appreciate you!