November 2014

Beyond You!

Greetings Fellow FSE Associates!

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time with each of you at the year-end continuous improvement meeting in Lake Lure this year. I know many of you commented on the beauty of the North Carolina Mountains. I genuinely appreciated the peacefulness of the venue, and, more importantly, I truly enjoyed spending three days with you all.

To recap the theme of this year's FSE meeting was "Beyond You," here are a few highlights from the weekend. 

What does "Beyond You" mean?
How we serve our employees, customers and others.

How does this theme fit with FSE?
Based on our mission, we seek to serve our employee, our customer and our community (both locally and globally). This year's theme was a celebration of this unique company culture.

The "Beyond You" meeting presentation highlights included:

Physical Health
Christel Skorup provided FSE some unique insights to the benefits of leading by example and participating in the wellness screenings. This "beyond you" leadership encourages our employees to take great proactive steps toward health care and wellness.

Thank you Christel for helping us take better care of ourselves!

Serving Locally
Rich Femia shared that FSE supports a local soup kitchen in downtown Cincinnati that feeds 200 people each day. Rich reminded us that while we don't always know why people fall on hard times, serving the poor is a higher calling.

Thank you Rich for setting an example of how to serve those in need!

Employees - Continuous Improvement
Wes Tarkington presented a well-thought-out approach to employee annual reviews. Wes challenged us to serve our employees in a powerful way by giving an annual review that involves and better equips FSE employees for a successful year to come.

Thank you Wes for encouraging each manager to use this tool to better serve our employees!

Serving Others to Remain the Vendor of Choice
Darwin Parker communicated how he has embraced the Transformational Leadership process and uses the WADEL method to ensure satisfied employees and satisfied customers, which results in FSE remaining the O&M vendor of choice.

Thank you Darwin for living the example of how to treat our employees and our customer!

Serving Locally and Globally
Kelsey Cassato delivered how she serves women caught in a global epidemic of human trafficking. Kelsey shared practical ways in which she serves locally in Tampa, and globally by saving women and children from being trafficked into sexual slavery.

Thank you Kelsey for serving beyond you to ensure a better life for others!

Empowering the Employee to Serve
Rory Cousino shared how the facilities performance team further empowered the field commissioning agents to enable each associate to become a commissioning project manager. This shift of fully empowering the field associate has improved project results tenfold.

Thank you Rory for empowering FSE associates to better serve our customers!

Continuing to Serve, Even When the Contract Ends
Darren Dean showed us all that when we serve the customer, even after the contract is over, good things happen. Darren's years of faithful service, coupled with a steadfast, positive servant's heart, has led to the IRS continuing to have FSE serve alongside and support the new O&M contractor at the IRS.

Thank you Darren for living the example of serving the customer and continuously improving!

Serving Globally
Ken Yockey provided FSE a glimpse into the African ministry he has spent so many years supporting. Ken and his team serve a group of Massai tribes in Kenya Africa by digging wells, planting and teaching eco farming methods, equipping cottage trades through brickmaking, setting up schools for children, and planting churches to share the good news of Jesus.

Thank you Ken for serving beyond you to improve the lives of so many in need!

Transformational Leadership
Ford Taylor concluded with encouraging words about FSE's future. FSE has embraced Ford's Transformational Leadership training to help shape the future of FSE, and the results are very positive. FSE is grateful to have the support of Ford Taylor, Gary Marco and the TL team.

Thank you Ford for living the example of how to serve, train, teach, equip and empower others!

2015 Outlook
In closing, Dan Tarkington provided some comic relief with some less than flattering family photos. Perhaps a few of Dan's photos from memory lane might be a part of next year's slides? Dan then closed with more good news about the continued blessing FSE receives by being favored by our customer via contract renewals year after year.

Thank you Dan for leading FSE and living the example of generously serving others!

2015 Venue
Early discussions have our team researching venues in the Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge region. If you have any suggestions, please email them to

Thanks for serving Beyond You! Our company is thriving because of you and the blessings God gives us each day to live, work, and faithfully serve our employees and our customers each day.

May God bless each of you. We wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.

Reed Tarkington
Vice President