Let's Get to Know… Angie Hogan!

February 2015Angie Hogan

Name: Angie Hogan

Project Site:

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

How long have you worked for FSE? I worked for FSE from 2004-2008 on a permanent part-time basis and would help out periodically until I came back again on a permanent basis again in April 2013.

What do you most like about your job? I love my job. I love knowing that I make a difference, no matter how small. I like that I actually (on most days) look forward to coming into work.

What is your favorite place to visit? Anywhere with a beach. It has been far too long since I have been but definitely my favorite place and I am not picky as long as I am near the ocean.

What is your favorite restaurant? I love pizza so my favorite place to eat is Pies and Pints. It's a newer pizza place at The Greene Shopping Center not too far from my house. If we are getting fancy then I would say Chop House would be my favorite choice.

What is your favorite movie? The Notebook is by far my favorite movie. .

What do I enjoy when not at work? When I am not at work I am with my family, particularly my 3-year-old son. I am involved with a Mom's group so we are always finding play groups or some sort of activity to get into. I enjoy seeing life through the eyes of a child and there is not much else I would rather do.

If I could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Hawaii is on my list of places to visit. I have been to Germany and Switzerland and while both were beautiful places, there isn't anything like being in the United States. I want to be able to say that I have visited all 50 states at some point in my life.