Letter from the President: The Best We Have to Offer - Positive People

February 2015
Positive People

In our last issue I offered six things that make FSE stand out in our industry. As we start the new year, I want to look at some of these qualities a little closer in order to reinforce them in our minds and our daily business activities. If our client is willing to pay us for our services, how do we give them the best we have to offer? An important ingredient to our success is a positive attitude toward those we serve and those with whom we serve. We have made this positivity an important part of our dynamic vision statement and, indeed, positive people are better equipped to provide excellent service with exceptional care. We have an abundant amount of positive people on our team, so how can we work to maintain this key attitude of success?

First, we can realize that each of us can maximize our significance by maintaining a positive attitude. It is infectious if practiced on a consistent basis. Our attitude can determine the difference between obstacles and opportunities. A positive attitude recognizes there is some difficulty in every opportunity and there is some opportunity in every difficulty. A positive attitude always lends greater weight to opportunity than difficulty. In many cases, a positive attitude, focused on, opportunity becomes the only difference between determination and despair, or success and failure.

Positive people maintain a focus on teamwork. There is a reason why there are 350 of us. That is, the job is too big for less. At some point it has been determined that accomplishing our work, in an excellent manner, takes 350 of us. Good people can accomplish good things, but a team of good people can accomplish great things. Big, bold and significant accomplishments are done together. I recall that a notable motivational speaker began a group session with a thick, four-foot square, granite slab, weighing more than 500 pounds, sitting on heavy stanchions at the front of the room with five $100 bills laying on it. He challenged the large group, "The $500 goes to whoever can move the slab five feet to the left and place it on floor without breaking it. Feel free to try at any point during the session." Several participants came forward to examine the slab early in the session and returned to their seats. About 30 minutes into the session, five participants came forward and carefully lifted the slab and moved it to the floor. Each took a hundred dollar bill and returned to their seats. The speaker promptly replied, "The best part of being a team is sharing the reward." Positive people are willing to share the load and share the reward.

Another positive attitude is thankfulness. Positive people thank a client for an opportunity, thank a colleague for their help, or thank a supervisor for helpful instruction or information. Positive people understand that work is more than an obligation - it is a privilege. They also understand that success often lies in the helping hands of others as much as much as it lies in their abilities. Understanding this, I want to thank each of you for your contribution in making all of our lives better in so many ways.My highest regards and wishes to all of you for a successful and blessed 2015.

Ken Dickerson