Lifting Spirits

February 2015

Cassandra JohnsonWhen Cassandra Johnson isn't working hard serving customers as General Clerk II at FSE Athens, GA, she's working hard serving the community! Cassandra has taken part in numerous charitable organizations over the years that have truly made a difference in the Athens area. Cassandra cites her compassion for the less fortunate as the reason she got started in charitable work, noting that "it's our responsibility to serve." Cassandra's favorite part about volunteering is lifting sprits. Here's what Cassandra has to say about some of her favorite projects:

Our Mission starts by being good to people. Staying focused on the less fortunate developed into getting more involved. It started in 1997, with the Clarke County Mentor Projgram; I was excited to become a mentor! Weekly visits to the school; assisted mentee with classroom/homework assignments, read books, and played board games. To learn more, visit

Senior Care
Senior Home Assistance and Repair Enterprise (S.H.A.A.R.E.) is also making a difference in the community. This nonprofit organization was established to raise funds to assist low-income seniors (65 and older) who need services to their home at no cost. I was responsible for weekly intake visits to the homes. I spoke with clients regarding repairs, assisted with filling out applications and took photos of areas that needed refurbishing.

Cornerstone Church
Cassandra JohnsonThe transition to Cornerstone Church in January 2011 was a perfect match. This multicultural congregation is one of the friendliest in Athens! Through countless ministries/partnerships (benevolence, celebrate recovery, divorce care, women's shelter, Athens Pregnancy Center, and Bigger Vision Homeless Shelter), Cornerstone is able to provide weekly meals (serving an estimated 300-400 monthly); distribute groceries, annual coat drives, care packages for families (which include cleaning supplies, personal items, and children's essentials). The support groups give hope to those who are dealing with various life issues. In addition to the above, the prayer center is open to the public. Cornerstone's motto is "Love, Grow, Help, Attend, Connect, Serve." To learn more about Cornerstone Church, visit

Like Cornerstone, Cassandra continues to transform lives in the community and the world around. "This wouldn't' be possible without the Cornerstone family, online audience and organizations that give so generously," says Cassandra. "I can truly say that it's a joy to serve!"

Despite all of her hardwork, Cassandra still has bigger ambitions for the future. "Mission Haiti," says Cassandra. "I would like to meet my sponsor student and assist a mission group on future projects for the citizens of Ti-Rivier, Haiti."