Blueprint for Wellness Results!

February 2015

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Blueprint for Wellness - Wellness Biometric Screening, Health Assessment and the Online Wellness Programs. You're on a continued journey towards better health and wellness!

Wellness Biometric Screening:
     -38 of 422 total people participated
     -124 of which were employees

Raffle Prize Winners:

8 - $250 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Robert Maxwell, Athens
Helen Hill, Athens
Benjamin Calmes Jr, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
Ronald Norwood, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
Bobbly Tolbert, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
John Hedrick, Monroe
Jeanenne Dickerson, Monroe
Cornell Washington, Roybal

4 - $500 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Richard Smith, Roybal
Stephen Waldbillig, NIOSH
Justin Parker, Roybal
James Meyer , Roybal

2 - $1,000 Pre-Paid Gift Cards
Elwood Lyals, Chamblee/Lawrenceville
Joshua Phillips, Chamblee/Lawrenceville

Congratulations to all our raffle prize winners! And good luck to everyone on their journey towards better health and wellness!!

See images of some of the winners below!