Letter from the President: Quality and Excellence by Continuous Improvement

April 2015
Quality and Excellence by Continuous Improvement

How do we, as a company, maintain our place at the top tier of our industry? How do we remain on our client's "go to" list of preferred service providers and trusted advisors? The answer is to continually improve. This is a commitment to never stop trying, never stopping looking, and to never stop learning.

If we focus on perfection, we can easily become frustrated. Mark Twain said, "Continuous improvement is far better than delayed perfection." Each one of us can make a commitment to get a little better at something each day. Think about these goals to expand our contribution to excellent service and exceptional care.

Is there something that I can improve on that will benefit my fellow workers and make them more productive? We are a team and it takes all of us to meet the needs of our clients' missions. Some of our daily work may not directly affect the client but might directly affect our teammates. Ask, "Does the timeliness and the quality of my task affect and improve the service of my teammates?"

Is there something that I can learn that will benefit the organization as a whole or benefit the ability of our client in achieving their mission? We can read up on a specialized piece of equipment our client has installed or research a new, more efficient tool to assist our service efforts. Innovation in our facilities service field is happening all around us. Look for opportunities to expand our expertise.

Is there something I can find that may have been overlooked in the past? We do some of our work in areas of buildings that are not frequently visited. While we are there, we can take a broader view of the area and the equipment than just the task on the work order. Can we provide minor improvements or initiate a request for additional services that we may find relevant to the efficient operation of the other equipment in the area? Is the insulation intact? Is the area secured as designed? Is cleaning or painting required? Is labeling correct and up to date? Are there safety hazards or potential safety hazards?

These are just a few points of view that will enhance our service and allow us to continually improve. We are really good at what we do – let's take every opportunity to get better for ourselves, our teammates and our clients. Thanks for all you do to make us great!

Ken Dickerson