Letter from the President: Positive People - Positive Change

October 2015

Around 500 BC the Greek philosopher Heraclitus spent most of his life grappling with the problems of change. History refers to him as the "weeping philosopher," probably because of his stress about everything constantly changing around him. Heraclitus came to the conclusion that, "The only thing that is constant is change." In simpler, more modern terms, we could just say regarding change, "it happens."

Surroundings change, rules change, methods change, tools change, cultures change, and, certainly not least of all, we change. If we can't change our circumstances, then we might try changing our point of view. When our circumstances change, we have to adapt (change) to deal with them. Living is not static; it is change. Growth is change. I often wonder why so many of us work so hard to resist change when it is inevitable. A great vision can anchor us during times of dramatic change, but it will not insulate us from the requirements to change. Our vision must be strong but flexible to navigate change.

Airplane wings are built with an engineered degree of flexibility in them so that they can adapt to dramatic changes in their environment without breaking. Rigidity in airplane wings is not a good thing. This explains why we never see flying oak trees. The American physicist and clergyman William Pollard said, "While change is difficult, the failure to change is fatal."

Our vision of Positive People should be able to embrace change. Somehow, the picture of people resistant to any change does not come to me as a positive one. Positive people will change their way of looking at big problems in order to find a perspective that may see a solution. Positive people will entertain new ideas in order to evaluate their effectiveness and ability to benefit others. Positive people will exhibit the wisdom to know when it is best to change circumstances or change themselves. Positive people will be strong, but flexible against dynamic forces that push up against their progress. Positive people will embrace the need to continuously improve. My friends, WE ARE POSITIVE PEOPLE! We can handle change.

Ken Dickerson