Handling Day-to-Day Stress

October 2015

Everyone has busy lives. Whether we have a family to take care of, work to get to, meetings to attend, or taking classes, this all adds up to a busy life. This can lead to day-to-day stress. But how each of us deals with stress can make a big difference in our lives. Some prefer immediate help, such as having a drink after work to help unwind. But sometimes immediate help can turn into an addiction, so we need to keep in mind other ways of helping to lessen our day-to-day stress.

One simple way is to just go for a walk. Take a walk in a park. Listen to the sounds around you, the birds, rustling of leaves, people laughing. Maybe find a spot by a lake or a pond and just sit and enjoy the sites, ducks floating along and frogs jumping. Taking a walk in a nature setting can increase your focus, concentration and attention to detail by 20%.

Another way to help with day-to-day stress is by having a hobby. Keeping your hands busy with knitting, gardening, building models, or whatever it is you may enjoy helps to keep your mind off the things that cause you stress. It helps to relax you. Even coloring can be a stress reliever. Hobby stores carry coloring books specifically for adults. They have many different designs in them. One type of adult coloring books is Mandalas. These contain geometrical shapes that are almost hypnotic. So coloring books aren't just for children!

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils can also help to relieve stress. Certain scents can help with stress. When you are stuck in traffic and feel the road rage building inside you, you can use the essential oil of lavender on a scent stick to help relieve this feeling. Breathe in and smile at the drivers around you.

Meditation can also be a great way to help handle any stress you may have. Meditation can help calm what has been called "Monkey Mind." This is basically the constant chatter that goes on in our minds: "I need to get this done;" "My boss wants me to talk to someone about a project;" "I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow," etc. Meditation can help keep this mind busy and focused on one thing, which allows the body to heal itself.

There are many things that we can do to help handle our day-to-day stress. Our lives are not getting less busy, so we need to keep some of these ideas in mind the next time we feel stressed.