Hannah Delivers Healthy Baby

April 2015

HannahIn October, we brought you a story about Ken Yockey and the Resourcing Ministry Partners work in Kenya helping to show the value of women. The story highlighted 13-year-old Hannah who became pregnant after being raped. Ken is happy to report that Hannah delivered a healthy, 6-pound baby boy at a clinic in Nairobi on Tuesday, February 16. Hannah and baby are doing well.

Baby KennyIn fact, doctors were concerned that Hannah would not be able to deliver the baby naturally, and although Hannah did not want a C-section, doctors insisted. Reverend Nelly and Hannah prayed for some time and as they were preparing the operating room, they took another woman ahead of her. "As they came for Hannah, she was in the act of delivery and they delivered her baby there and then," says Ken. "We are thanking the Lord for His provision for Hannah."

Ken was also happy to report that "in the time I have been helping with Hannah and her situation, I have never received a photo of her smiling." That is, until now!

Hannah is now at WADADA at Reverend Nelly's recovering with her new son, who is appropriately named Kenny!