Rodney and Donald Don't Fall Flat

April 2015

Rodney White and Dennis GillingOnce again, we're delighted to bring to you a story about FSE employees going above and beyond their job description to help our customers. Tammy Otobor wrote to us to praise Rodney White and Donald Gilling.

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Rodney White and the night shift crew for looking out for my safety when Security wouldn't.

This past Friday, February 18, 2016, when leaving work at 7 p.m., I noticed my car tire was completely flat. I have emergency road side assistance, but have to pay and get reimbursed. I was in a panic, especially after animal control was contacted earlier that day for a possum outside Building 18, and was walking from building to building, to see if someone could help.

I contacted Mark with Four Seasons and he referred me to the night supervisor Rodney White, who came to my rescue and for that I am so grateful and wanted to express my sincere appreciation for him looking out for my safety. Overall, I am grateful for people like Rodney and felt someone should know."

Thank you to Rodney and Donald for embodying FSE's vision of Positive People providing Excellent Service with Exceptional Care.