Letter from the President: Three Little Words to Success

July 2016

There are a whole lot of people depending on Four Seasons Environmental. What we have to offer our clients, and each other, is a lot more than what any of us, individually, can produce. We need to understand that our efforts must be bound together for all of us to succeed. This is called unity of purpose. We (FSE) serve great needs. Our place in the service industry puts us on call to critical functions of critical clients. Their missions are complex and their operations are complex. They trust us to provide efficient, professional and economical services to support critical operations. There is not one of us who can, alone, meet these needs. It takes all of our individual talent and effort, bound together, to fill these critical responsibilities.

Unity of purpose requires a willingness to give help and ask for help. All of us cannot remain at the top of our game every single day. I can think of several employees and their families who, right now, through no fault of their own, face great challenges. The weight of these burdens follows them to work every day. Some of them carry a burden so heavy that they are not able to work right now. An organization committed to unity of purpose makes needs known and reaches out to help and pick up the slack for those on our team (I prefer family) who are not at the top of their game.

Meanwhile, our clients' important missions continue. We must find a way to meet their critical needs with excellent service and exceptional care. This requires the total commitment to the well-being of the total team (family). Positive people find ways to care for their wounded and cover them while they are down. Can we think of a way to pick up the team and our clients in a way that would honor our fellow employees who are facing challenges that keep them from being in the game at this time? If we can rise to this calling, we will add to our reputation as a world-class service provider. We will also let our family know we are committed to the well-being of all the team and willing to give grace to those of us who currently need it the most.

Ken Dickerson