Visioneer of the Issue: Securing Customer Satisfaction

December 2016

When hiring new employees, Four Seasons looks to add members who will embody the FSE vision statement: Positive People Providing Excellent Service with Exceptional Care. "The same is true when we grow our business," says Ron Wyrtzen, Project Manager at FSE. "That is why bringing Jeff Cowin, and his company Hawk Security, on board has been such a success." Jeff and his brother Chris had been working as a contractor for FSE for more than a decade, but, as of July 2016, FSE was excited to welcome them to the FSE Team. The new Security Solutions division offers FSE customers another service to help ensure satisfaction on all projects, including expertise in closed-circuit television and Access Controls.

Security Solutions Van"We have a similar end goal," Jeff says of his team and FSE. "We both make sure the customers are taken care of, and that they're satisfied. We do whatever is necessary to get a project/service completed, using quality materials and quality workmanship, and going that extra mile, which is why we decided to make this merger."

Ron notes that even before Jeff and Chris were a part of the FSE family, they were providing exceptional service to FSE customers. "A few years ago, we hired Jeff to go to our USDA site in Ft. Pierce, Florida. They were very impressed with Jeff, and by extension, FSE, and because of that we were able to solve a lot of the closed-circuit television and Access Control problems. It's been an added value to the customer."

And thanks to technology like FaceTime and Skype, Jeff and Chris have become a part of the extended families for many of the FSE facilities.

"We'd really like to encourage all of our sites to consult with Jeff and Chris if they could be of value for a project. They can help assess a situation, get the parts needed, and help correct any issues," explains Ron. "It really enhances our ability to satisfy our customers!" To get in touch with Jeff, email him at