Christmas Catastrophe!

February 2017

Ivan BranchWhile preventive maintenance is a clear-cut schedule, unplanned repairs can pop up during the most unexpected times. Ivan Branch, Crew Supervisor at CDC Atlanta, knows this all too well. "It was Christmas night around 10 o'clock and I got a call from another supervisor saying there was a flood in the building," says Ivan. "I immediately called into the guys who were working in the building and they said, 'Yes, there is a flood and it's bad.'"

Ivan immediately jumped into his truck and headed down to the facility. The building was completely soaked from the third floor down. Using ShopVacs, the team worked to soak up the water, but it was soon clear to Ivan that they did not have the manpower or equipment to contain the situation. Ivan called Full Circle Restorations and had them dispatch their emergency team. "They showed up around one in the morning and cleaned up what they could, and came back every day for a week until everything was put back together," says Ivan. "We worked pretty much from Christmas to the day after New Year's when everyone got back to work."
Drain Cap
Ivan didn't stop there though. "I found the failure of the cause and started to leak-proof the entire building," Ivan explains. "It was a PIU drain cap that was left open and the cap gave way, so I got my crew and we started going up in all of the ceilings and floors, checking to see if there were any more of the caps starting to fail and we found several, so we started to change them out."

Not only are Ivan's actions helping his own facility, but other crews took notice and now the entire campus is leak-proofing their buildings, too!

Thank you, Ivan, for your hard work and dedication!Ron notes that while Trey doesn't talk a lot, "he proves himself with his performance. He's not a big talker, but he's a big doer." So thank you, Trey, for doing such an excellent job and keeping our customer satisfied!

 CDC Atlanta Flood

CDC Atlanta Flood