Lights Out

February 2017

John Prokopovich and teamThe Monday after Christmas, John Prokopovich, Campus Supervisor at CDC Lawrenceville, received a call saying there was a total loss of power to the Lawrenceville CDC facility. Despite it being a holiday (Christmas observed), John and his team, Mark Petrassi and Jim Christopher, and the Stationary Engineer on duty, Don Ricci, headed over immediately and got to work.

Due to a ground fault, the team turned off all of the breakers and turned each breaker on one by one to find out which was the problem. After three hours and several hundred breakers, the team finally discovered the shorted motor. "And we're not a very big site," says John. "We locked and tagged it and brought the facility back up slowly, had to bring back the air conditioning, lights, fans and everything else." By midnight the facility was business as usual.

John and his team didn't stop there though: John and his team are looking into changing the ground-fault system so they don't lose the whole facility when something goes down.