Show of Appreciation

April 2017

Goshen Appreciation NightOn January 6, Goshen Local Schools honored select community and business partners during an Appreciation Night. Held at halftime during a basketball game between its Goshen Warriors and the Norwood Indians, administration welcomed the police and fire department, local churches, and business partners who employ many of their students and/or provide outstanding goods and services to the District with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Ken Yockey, Facilities Performance Engineer at FSE, and his wife Carol, represented Four Seasons and accepted the certificate. The certificate acknowledges the help FSE has provided Goshen Local Schools in controlling its energy costs.

"We really owe this award to the hard work and dedication provided by Ken," says Reed Tarkington, President of FSE. "Not only did he forge a relationship with Goshen prior to working at Four Seasons, but he's delivered outstanding support to Goshen to help them consistently reduce their energy savings year in and year out."

In fact, through the partnership between Goshen Local Schools and FSE, Goshen has saved the District more than $1.5 million since 2007. "We have cut the energy spending in half," says Todd Shinkle, Treasurer of Goshen Local Schools. "It's allowed us to continue to educate the children of this district and make a significant impact on them."

Reed adds, "Thank you to Ken and everyone who has helped make our relationship with Goshen such a success!"