Invest in your Future: Monitoring Your Retirement Account

July 2017

Have you logged into to monitor your retirement account? Your secure login gives you access to view and update several components of your account. Upon successful login, you will see an overview of your account. There are two menu bars across the top and links to a brief video tour and an introductory course to help you learn how to use the many tools available in the website.

Look at your profile and make sure the address, phone number and email are correct. Look at your account balance, your investment allocations and your contribution history. Review the Summary Plan Disclosure Notice under the Services menu. If you have questions about the website or your account, contact Great American Advisors at 877-816-9521. They will be happy to assist you. The website has many planning tools but you can also get help and guidance from Faith Financial Advisors by calling 513-898-1897.

Three components will influence the growth of your account: contributions, time and asset allocation. Consider increasing the amount you contribute to your account. The best way to work toward that goal will be to increase the amount you contribute each week from your wages to the account. Contact the FSE office for information on how to start or increase the amount you contribute each week to your account. Look at the current balance in your retirement account and set a milestone for the balance you would like to achieve a year from now. Increase your contribution rate and watch the progress toward your goal.