Five Tips for Summer Safety, Fun in the Sun

July 2017

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. But along with preparing for fun in the sun, remember to practice summer safety as well.

Here are five important summer safety tips to pack along with the burgers, dogs and ice cream!

1. Flip or flop. Experts are warning against wearing flimsy flip-flops all summer long. They're OK for occasional use at the beach or the pool. But for steady walking, hiking or any type of sports, be sure to wear sturdier shoes made for the activity at hand. Or, afoot!

2. Don't feel the burn. You got this one, right? Always wear sunscreen. Avoid being out in the sun during midday when the sun's rays are the strongest. Protect skin with hats for the head, neck and ears, and light, loose clothing for the rest of the body. And don't forget those eyes – protect them with sunglasses.

3. Beat the heat. To prevent heat stroke, don't exercise outdoors when it's extremely hot, and stay hydrated. Some people, like children, are especially vulnerable to getting sick from the heat. Their bodies don't cool down as fast as others'.

4. Can't touch this. Or eat it, either. Salads, sandwiches and other summer delights shouldn't be left sitting at room temperature for more than a couple of hours. Even less if the temperature is 90 degrees or higher.

5. What's bugging you? Yes, they're back: pests of all kinds. And they can cause serious illnesses. Pregnant women, or those hoping to become pregnant, should be especially careful of mosquitoes. In some parts of the country, they may carry the Zika virus, which can harm the unborn child. Some also carry the West Nile virus. Ticks, too, carry several serious diseases, including Lyme disease. Bees and wasps are also buzzing about. Their stings are painful and can be deadly serious for those allergic to them. So arm yourself with proper clothing, repellent and first aid.