FSE Celebrates Employees with 2017 Service Awards

March 2018

Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud of each of its employees across all of its sites, but for 2017, we'd like to honor the many employees who celebrated their five- and 10-year anniversaries with the company! Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication!!

Five-Year Award Recipients
Anthony Brannon
Bryan Adamczyk
Christopher Rowe
Danny Martin
David Sinclair
Freida Farley
Imad Wakeel
Jared Jackson
Kelsey Cassato
Mike Magyary
Nathaniel Key
Nelson Sellers
Philip Dickerson
Robert Stohr
Timothy Dolph
William Carver
William White
Ten-Year Award Recipients
Adriene Hayward
Bertram Browne
Cynthia Downing
David Osuch
Evan Dare
George King, Jr
Grenville Alert
Ivan Branch
Kaitlin Black
Mark Walker
Richard Smith
Ricky Hubbard
Valori Benner
Widner Ezna

Byan Adamczyk Receives Service Award

Richard Smith and Bertram Browne Receive Service Awards

Nathaniel Key Receives Service Award

David Osuch Receives Service Award

Anthony Khayyam Receives Service Award