Transformational Leadership Update

March 2018

NOAA PumpFSE Core Belief: "If you have influence over one or more  people, then by definition you are a leader."

Greetings to All:

Hopefully by now you have participated in a TL Training led by myself, Ron Wyrtzen or Ken Dickerson. We are attempting to deliver this training to all FSE sites. Our endeavor, as TL Facilitators, is to give you the tools and ingredients needed to become that kind of leader you aspire to be. A leader who can lead in a way that has a very positive impact in the lives of others.

December - We Discussed The Dynamics of Change

• Four Levels of Change
• The Dynamics of Change and Strategies for Success
• Social Anxiety
• Affirmations

January - We Discussed Setting the Foundation

• Relational & Transactional
• Social Covenant

February - We will Review the Social Covenant Framework

• Many have inquired on the importance of a Social Covenant
• As a leader that thinks outside the box, you must answer the question "When we're together, whether at work, home, school, community or organization, how do we want to treat each other? Assuming we agree on how to treat each other what happens if one fails to treat other(s) accordingly? The Social Covenant is a vital part of 'Setting the Foundation for Change.'" Thinking outside the box!

March - We will Complete Setting the Foundation
Thanks to each one of you for learning and working together with others to grow in leadership and influence. We know TL is a big commitment and goes beyond the small amount of time we spend with you each month. Thank you as we join and grow together to become Transformational Leaders!

- Darwin Parker