Uninterrupted Dedication

March 2018

Lee Lafferty and his teamOn October 24, during daily rounds, Lee Lafferty and his team at the Defense Finance and Accounting Services in Columbus, OH noticed that the uninterrupted power supply that serves the main server room was in alarm. The electrician doing the rounds could smell a burnt electrical smell, and discovered that a high-voltage transformer was burnt up.

Lee and his team discussed it with the Army Corps of Engineers, and decided to bring in Schneider Electric. After testing, Schneider Electric found two additional devices that failed. However, since the unit was so old, it would have taken 10 weeks for the replacement parts.

Instead, DFAS and the Army Corps of Engineers decided to replace the unit, which won't occur until April. Since the server cannot be down for so long, the decision was made to rent a portable unit in the meantime.

Eight days after the initial problem was discovered, Lee and his team had to transport the unit to the basement server room vault. However, the unit weighs 6,000 pounds, so the team had to strip parts out of it to lighten the load and reassemble it once it got to the vault. The team worked in overdrive through the weekend to wire the temporary unit to the existing circuit for the server room, and then test the unit. The team returned the UPS system online at noon Sunday. "It was a monumental job, and they got the problem resolved quickly," says Lee, "and, we will get to do it all over again in April when the new unit arrives!"

Lee notes that the whole team jumped together to complete the project. "I would like to thank, with the most gratitude, the whole crew. They're masters of their trade and are like family to each other," Lee explains. "It's a remarkable group of people. I think that is what makes Four Seasons successful – it's the people. I couldn't be more proud of them."

We couldn't agree more with, Lee! Thank you not only to our amazing crew at DFAS, but for your many years of dedication and excellence!