FSE Celebrates Employees

May 2019

Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud of each of its employees across all of its sites, but for 2018, we'd like to honor the many employees who celebrated their five- and 10-year anniversaries with the company! Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication!!

5 Years
Michael McCane, Chamblee
Mario Suttler, Roybal
Roshonda Jackson, Chamblee
Steven Parson, Chamblee
Angie Hogan, Kettering
John Merrick, Ft Pierce
Reggie Foote, NIOSH
Dane Hedrick, Kettering
Samuel Thornton, Roybal
Edward Timmons, DSCC
Mack Taylor, Roybal
Thomas Shaw, Lawrenceville
Wyatt Bryan, Roybal
Travis Cook, NIOSH
Benjamin Calmes, Chamblee
Keith Daniels, Roybal
Casey Ferris, Chamblee
Marcus Harber, Roybal

10 Years:
Kevin Harris, Kettering
Aaron Beauchamp, Ft Pierce
John Hedrick, Monroe
John Reynolds, Roybal
Alva Scully, Roybal
Lionel Dundee, Roybal
David Whaley, Roybal
Jerry Russell, Roybal
Raymond Fisher, Roybal
Ken Yockey, Monroe
Paul Hollifield, Roybal
William Dennis, Ft Pierce

Roshonda Jackson

Raymond Fisher

Mario SuttlerJohn Hedrick