FSE Celebrates Employees

June 2019

Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. is proud of each of its employees across all of its sites, but for January to June 2019, we'd like to honor the many employees who celebrated their milestone anniversaries with the company! Thank you all for your continued hard work and dedication!!

Five Years:
Don Blanch, KCDC
Billy Blanding, CDC Atlanta
James Buchanan, CDC Atlanta
Terese Carstarphen, CDC Atlanta
Christopher Evans, CDC Atlanta
Darrel Forney, CDC Atlanta
Albert Harrison, CDC Atlanta
Michael Jackson, CDC Atlanta
Nicholas McDonald, Monroe
Jeff Montgomery, CDC Atlanta

Ten Years:
Cornelius Bynum, CDC Atlanta
Deon Boyer, CDC Atlanta
Robert Bankston, CDC Atlanta
Rodney White, CDC Atlanta

15 Years:
David Weikel, CDC Atlanta
David McDaniel, CDC Atlanta
Wyley Shepherd, CDC Atlanta
20 Years:
Dana Fisher, Athens
Elizabeth York, Athens
Jay Widner, DSCC
Jerry Swaim, Athens
Michael Clyburn, NIOSH
Robert Maxwell, Athens
Teo Salvador, CDC Atlanta

25 Years:
Jeanenne Dickerson, Monroe
Ken Dickerson, Monroe
Kevin Bonapfel, NIOSH
Robert Williams, NIOSH
Roger Baker, NIOSH
Steve Bonapfel, NIOSH

Kevin Bonapfel

Nick McDonald

Billy Blanding

David Weikel