Wellness: New Pharmacy Benefit Manager

June 2019

Employees who utilize FSE's Anthem insurance will feature IngenioRx as the pharmacy benefit manager starting July 1, 2019. Your pharmacy benefits and cost share are not changing as a result of the move to IngenioRx. If you use a retail pharmacy to fill your prescriptions, simply show your pharmacist your new Anthem ID card. If you haven't received your new Anthem ID card, you may get one at anthem.com, via the Anthem Anywhere app, or by calling the Member Services number on your current ID card.

Pharmacy Member Service experts will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and web and mobile tools will allow you to see all of your pharmacy information alongside your medical benefit information on anthem.com and the Anthem Anywhere app. Enhanced tools allow you to price medications, find and compare drug costs across pharmacies and more.

To learn more about the switch, including how to manage home delivery prescriptions and specialty pharmacy prescriptions, read more about IngenioRx here.