Your welcome letter contained a one-time PIN to make it easier for your first-time login to the webmail system. Once you have that PIN, just follow these instructions.




Connect to webmail from any web browser at the address


Type your email address and PIN. You are prompted to change your password. Simply enter your PIN again, then create a password that contains at least 8 characters consisting of letters, numbers, Upper Case, and a special character such as !@$ etc.






Once you’ve changed your password in the webmail instructions above you can create an account on your phone or other mobile devices.


Phones or tablets


To connect with your iPhone or iPad:

1.     Settings, Accounts & Passwords, Add Account

2.     Tap Exchange (Microsoft Exchange)

3.     Type your Email address and any Description and tap Next

4.     Tap “Configure Manually”

5.     Type your password and tap Next

6.     Enter the following details and tap Next

·        Server =

·        Domain =

·        Username = the part of your email address before the @ sign

7.     Choose which items to sync to your device and tap Save



To connect with your Android phone or tablet:

1.     Settings, Accounts, Add Account

2.     Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

3.     Type your email address and tap MANUAL SETUP

4.     Enter the following details and tap NEXT

·        Domain\username =\username
(that’s the part of your email address before the @ sign)

·        Password = your password

·        Exchange server =

5.     Choose which items to sync, the frequency, etc. and tap NEXT