Facility Assessment and Capital Planning

Unexpected equipment failure can break the maintenance budget. Four Seasons helps building operators across Ohio take control of facility costs. With Facility Assessments and Capital Plans, FSE can help set benchmarks, project asset lifespans, plan for replacement costs, determine a budget and prioritize preventive maintenance.

Facility Assessments

Facility Assessments evaluate the condition of a building's components and/or equipment. Through an onsite evaluation, FSE will examine building enclosures from the masonry to the roof, and critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. FSE considers the remaining useful life, life safety and code regulations, and efficiency. Each component is given a condition rating. FSE also considers the building's current maintenance practices, including budgeting, staffing, preventive maintenance and deferred maintenance.

FSE identifies deficiencies that need immediate attention, as well as outlines recommended repairs, upgrades and replacements, including the estimated cost, timeframe and potential return on investment.

Capital Planning

Knowing what's in your facility through a Facility Assessment is the first step to ensuring an efficient and functional facility, but Capital Planning takes this information further to make a detailed plan for the future of your building(s). Through Capital Planning, FSE works with the building owners and operators to prioritize short-term and long-term projects that meet the both the needs of the facility, but also the shareholder's vision. Capital Plans budget daily operational costs, forecast necessary upcoming repairs, upgrades and replacements, and strategically plan long-term capital replacement projects.

Capital Planning is not only critical to ensuring you have a plan for daily maintenance and ongoing repairs and upgrades, but also to assist in securing additional funding.

Our Process

As the needs of each building are different, FSE tailors our approach and reporting to you and your facility. However, the general approach remains.


FSE reviews all provided information, including previous assessments and building drawings, then meets with the facility team to learn about known issues and maintenance practices. FSE then performs a site visit to asses all equipment, systems and building envelope, recording:

  • Condition rating
  • Useful life remaining
  • Current maintenance practices

FSE uses the information found in the assessment to create a Facility Assessment Report, which details the current status of each equipment/component, but also provides observations/risks and recommendations. Our reports are custom designed to meet the request and needs of the owner and may include:

  • Code deficiencies and life safety issues
  • Additional recommended repairs, upgrades and replacements
  • Recommended maintenance practices
  • Associated costs
  • Recommended timeline
  • Projected return on investment
  • Estimated energy savings

Once you know what needs to be done, FSE works with you to prioritize building projects, while planning for long-term needs. FSE will help:

  • Set the budget
  • Advocate for additional funding
  • Create a timeline
  • Make a realistic plan for execution

FSE will remain a long-term partner as you execute your plans. FSE has a long history of supporting building owners as they take on each phase of their Capital Plan.

Knowledge is Power

With facility support services, building owners can make informed decisions, prioritizing immediate needs, while planning for the future. Short and long-term benefits include: